Bishop joins the elections fray



Ninth district congressman Dan Bishop, himself elected in the wake of allegations of ballot mischief, is following Dan Forest’s lead in seeking help from DC:


Congressman Dan Bishop (NC-09) issued the following statement on the ‘settlement’ announced yesterday among Democrat litigants to nullify North Carolina laws prohibiting ballot harvesting and requiring timely completion of the upcoming election.


Clever and unethical lawyers like Attorney General Josh Stein and Gov. Roy Cooper have long known that collusive litigation settlements can be used to circumvent the legislature and usurp duly enacted laws.  That is the trick they pulled yesterday,” Rep. Bishop said.


A year after Democrats’ national lawyer Marc Elias nullified a Republican congressional election victory with a withering attack on alleged absentee ballot harvesting, he has reversed position to attack the laws against ballot harvesting.  These laws require an absentee voter to secure an attesting witness for the ballot envelope, put postage on the envelope, deliver the envelope personally to the county board of elections or a postal service mailbox, and mail the envelope in time to be postmarked no later than Election Day and delivered within three days.  In a lawsuit filed in August, Elias alleged that these requirements are so onerous that they deprive his Democrat plaintiffs of due process and a free election,” Bishop continued.


These claims didn’t pass the straight-face test, but the Democrat defendants promptly surrendered to the Democrat plaintiffs,” Bishop said, referring to the ‘settlement’ Democrat Attorney General Josh Stein announced yesterday on behalf of the Board of Elections dominated by Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper’s appointees.


I even understand that Stein personally browbeat the non-lawyer Republican members of the Elections Board, in a closed session, to vote for the surrender.  Now, if the Democrat judge approves the Democrat settlement, harvested ballots can be deposited in unmonitored drop boxes, the witness requirement can be ignored, and Democrats will have nine days beyond Election Day to ‘find’ enough votes to reverse their losses,” Bishop said.


In the strongest terms, I urge the Trump Campaign and RNC to litigate without delay this abuse of power and attack on the separation of powers.  In swing states across the country, Democrats are engaged in last-minute efforts, orchestrated by Elias, to throw the election into chaos.  They must know they are going to lose,” concluded Bishop.