Top NC DEM fantasizes about: concentration camps, military coup, bomb threats, etc.



If you’ve been watching the rioting in the streets with horror — wondering where in the hell these people and their ideas came from — look no further than the Democrat Party.   Specifically, check out one Dwight Willis — treasurer of the Brunswick County (NC) Democrat Party, member of the state Democrat executive committee, and elected delegate to the 2020 Democrat National Committee.


I’ve always said you need to watch social media in order to see someone’s true self emerge:







4 thoughts on “Top NC DEM fantasizes about: concentration camps, military coup, bomb threats, etc.

  1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Cheaters never win. Most Americans want a peaceful government that stays out of their busy lives. There is no real future for Democrats in North Carolina if their members continue to deny clear election results. Maybe we need to see how they pay their bills and stay fed? Where do they work? I’d bet most are at the government feed trough.

  2. And we wonder why the streets are afire and buildings are burned, buildings are destroyed, diners are attacked and confronted? THIS is the America many Dems want. Unsure what part of Brunswick Co he resides? Wouldn’t be shocked if he’s a transplant. Many beach areas, St James, Brunswick Forest and other large residential developments have attracted the far left from the NE. He is why America is being destroyed and torn apart. How could anyone agree with this, support this talk? This should be elevated to the US DOJ.

  3. Great example of the democrat mindset.
    This loser is obviously looking for something for nothing. Like all modern democrats.
    My granddaddy is turning over in his grave.
    PS: The halfbacks have changed this great county. Why the hell do they want to
    make us like the place they left–and hated!

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