News Flash: The Internet is FOREVER.


Try scrubbing a certain piece of information from cyberspace.   Good luck.  There are so many screenshots, links, and the like out there.  The minute you type something into a web browser, or a email program or chat program (and hit send)  it’s OUT THERE for God knows who to do God knows what with.


As you can tell from the vast number of leaked emails we’ve published on this site, quite a few powerful people have still not learned that lesson.




From the beginning, we’ve had — to put it kindly — two godawful choices for US Senate foisted upon us by the two major parties.  Thom Tillis has continued in DC his tradition, fomented in Raleigh, of doing ANYTHING for a dollar.  The guy has been in DC for six years and has yet to crack 50 percent in the polls.   He’s had the field cleared for him.  His allies talked Mark Harris into splitting the conservative vote in the 2014 primary, and Greg Brannon’s lawsuit popped up just in front of the primary vote.  That primary win allowed Tillis to move on to face the weak incumbent Kay Hagan.  Tillis squeaked by Hagan with 48 percent of the vote.  (I am told that Team Tillis did not know until LATE on election night that they had pulled the victory out.  They had been anticipating a loss.).





Here we are six years later, and we find Tillis six points behind an empty-suit Democrat who couldn’t knock off bat-$#%& crazy Elaine Marshall.  Tillis is wrapping himself tightly around President Trump.  (Never mind that he endorsed Marco Rubio in the primary,  announced that Trump had no mandate, and led the effort to stonewall the construction of the border wall.). Oh, and be sure to ask Raleigh’s Tom Farr about Tillis’s commitment to getting conservative judges on the federal bench in North Carolina.



Apparently, it’s time for drastic action.  Someone got screenshots of the very-married Democrat, Cunningham,  flirting with a very married consultant to his campaign via text. 



This news will likely spread cheer among the people already in the Republican camp.  But the street rioters, race-baiters, same-sex marriage, genderless restroom crowd that makes up Cunningham’s base might give one-quarter of a whoop about it.   Remember, these are the same people who still worship the ground Bill Clinton walks on.



The people Tillis is having trouble with happen to be his own party’s base.  People don’t like him, and don’t trust him.    A significant number of those people will likely leave the Senate line blank or vote for the guy from The Constitution Party.    Team Tillis needs to convince voters that things will truly be different if he gets six more years.



Some folks are trying to compare l’affaire Cunningham to the John Edwards debacle.  Remember —  Edwards got his campaign aide pregnant while his wife was dying of cancer.  I don’t think you’d catch Bill Clinton trying to perpetrate something like that.



Tillis’s problem is that he has thumbed his nose at his party’s base and tried to push the whole thing to the left.  The GOP’s shift to the right brought eastern North Carolina into play for Republicans and changed the ball game for the NCGOP.  The move to the right ensured that Republicans actually had a prayer outside of Mecklenburg, Guilford and the far western counties.



This ol’ “Hold Your Nose”  nonsense only has so much of a shelf life.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice,  shame on ME.