News Flash: The Internet is FOREVER.


Try scrubbing a certain piece of information from cyberspace.   Good luck.  There are so many screenshots, links, and the like out there.  The minute you type something into a web browser, or a email program or chat program (and hit send)  it’s OUT THERE for God knows who to do God knows what with.


As you can tell from the vast number of leaked emails we’ve published on this site, quite a few powerful people have still not learned that lesson.




From the beginning, we’ve had — to put it kindly — two godawful choices for US Senate foisted upon us by the two major parties.  Thom Tillis has continued in DC his tradition, fomented in Raleigh, of doing ANYTHING for a dollar.  The guy has been in DC for six years and has yet to crack 50 percent in the polls.   He’s had the field cleared for him.  His allies talked Mark Harris into splitting the conservative vote in the 2014 primary, and Greg Brannon’s lawsuit popped up just in front of the primary vote.  That primary win allowed Tillis to move on to face the weak incumbent Kay Hagan.  Tillis squeaked by Hagan with 48 percent of the vote.  (I am told that Team Tillis did not know until LATE on election night that they had pulled the victory out.  They had been anticipating a loss.).





Here we are six years later, and we find Tillis six points behind an empty-suit Democrat who couldn’t knock off bat-$#%& crazy Elaine Marshall.  Tillis is wrapping himself tightly around President Trump.  (Never mind that he endorsed Marco Rubio in the primary,  announced that Trump had no mandate, and led the effort to stonewall the construction of the border wall.). Oh, and be sure to ask Raleigh’s Tom Farr about Tillis’s commitment to getting conservative judges on the federal bench in North Carolina.



Apparently, it’s time for drastic action.  Someone got screenshots of the very-married Democrat, Cunningham,  flirting with a very married consultant to his campaign via text. 



This news will likely spread cheer among the people already in the Republican camp.  But the street rioters, race-baiters, same-sex marriage, genderless restroom crowd that makes up Cunningham’s base might give one-quarter of a whoop about it.   Remember, these are the same people who still worship the ground Bill Clinton walks on.



The people Tillis is having trouble with happen to be his own party’s base.  People don’t like him, and don’t trust him.    A significant number of those people will likely leave the Senate line blank or vote for the guy from The Constitution Party.    Team Tillis needs to convince voters that things will truly be different if he gets six more years.



Some folks are trying to compare l’affaire Cunningham to the John Edwards debacle.  Remember —  Edwards got his campaign aide pregnant while his wife was dying of cancer.  I don’t think you’d catch Bill Clinton trying to perpetrate something like that.



Tillis’s problem is that he has thumbed his nose at his party’s base and tried to push the whole thing to the left.  The GOP’s shift to the right brought eastern North Carolina into play for Republicans and changed the ball game for the NCGOP.  The move to the right ensured that Republicans actually had a prayer outside of Mecklenburg, Guilford and the far western counties.



This ol’ “Hold Your Nose”  nonsense only has so much of a shelf life.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice,  shame on ME.






32 thoughts on “News Flash: The Internet is FOREVER.

  1. Very well written. Why I will not cast a vote for either candidate: (1) Tillis did nothing to defend Amendment One, defining marriage. He stated that we’d all eventually accept gay marriage. Wrong. (2) Along with the NCGOP leadership endorsed Jeb Bush, and later Marco Rubio, despite a clear and vocal majority of grassroots support for Trump, (3) did nothing as House Speaker to repeal the truly terrible renewable energy mandates and the lottery, (4) like Burr, stands for no Conservative values, but talks as if he does around election time. While I’d never vote for a Democrat, ridding Congress of these RINOs and Neocons will only strengthen our state in the long term.

    1. Kent,
      I absolutely appreciate your frustration, but you know abstaining from the vote for Senate = a Dem vote. We MUST vote for Tillis for 1 very clear reason — JUDGES!! If we lose the Senate or even 1 seat in the Senate, we are done! They will stack the courts and we will NEVER recover. I plead with you to please cast your ballot for Senator Tillis!

    2. by not holding your nose and voting Tillis you are in turn voting for Cal the king of sexting remember Tillis did vote for supreme court nominees and if the republicans loose the majority then all the good republicans senate loose also cause you take their power away to fight leftism. Look at what the house has passed that the senate has blocked #VoteTillis do not let Nancy and people like AOC win

    3. Tillis also made a special trip to Raleigh to twist arms to repeal HB2. I am embarassed that he is a Senator from my state.

      I have wrestled with what to do on this race. I do not want Tillis for another 6 years, but I also do not want a Democrat Senate majority causing major problems for President Trump. I may have to wear a full hazmat suit into the polling place to vote for Tillis, but I do not want to see Trump bushwhacked by a Democrat Senate.

      If Trump loses, America is over.

    1. Rigged.

      1. 30% threshold to win
      2. Major challenger gets scared by Tillis/RNC out of the race leaving three names of minimal recognition with last minute, no-time-to-campaign entries.
      3. RNC/DC Republicans interfering in said Primary and essentially choosing our nominee for us, with too many advantages against home state Conservatives. These are same people who also interfered to deny us a conservative state chairman and instead stuck us with another DC insider who frankly doesn’t give a damn about the NCGOP except how it can further his DC lobbying business. Of course, a few county chairmen with no regard for the NCGOP’s wellbeing collaborated to make that happen. Looking at you, Gaston and New Hanover Counties.

      1. Rigged: The tactics we have been experiencing over recent years from the NC GOP Establishment work short term. Long term is another matter. Even with a nobody scandal ridden candidate (he is awash in money though), the Tillis fortunes are pretty much dependent on a Trump wave washing him over the line. Without Trump the NC GOP would be circling the toilet drain in this election and Tillis would lose to anybody.

  2. How many conservative judges will Cal “Jody” Cunningham confirm? And if Pelosi retains control of the House, and Pelosi impeaches President Trump AGAIN; how will Cunningham vote when the case comes to the Senate?
    Not to mention there are three other vulnerable Senate races this cycle; we only have a four seat majority.
    Who are you going to pick?

    1. Not to mention there are three other vulnerable Senate races this cycle; we only have a four seat majority.

      ABOVE is the ONLY reason I could in good conscious vote for Tillis. I don’t need lectures on Senate, SCOTUS, Pelosi, Schumer, BUT…..THERE comes a dang TIME when R’s have to learn and be taught, WE ARE NOT simply voting b/c of the R and they can’t be a piece of crap legislator for 5.5Y and THEN throw this type BS in our face…!!!! AND THAT IS PRECISELY WHAT Tillis HAS DONE…..Same for Burr, teaming up with Warner and acting like a Dem against R’s.

      Just don’t lecture me….b/c I could VERY DAM___ EASILY skip this race…..

  3. Ham biscuit I would love to sit and have a conversation with you. I’m with Kent, they aren’t getting my vote. Brant, when are you going to cover the local board of education election? Getting a bit interesting here in Moore county. Thoughts on any of the candidates?

  4. If Tillis cannot defeat an unknown Democrat saddled with a sex scandal, he has no one to blame but himself. Sure, Cunningham would be a no good replacement; but Tillis really has no record to run on other than he votes right (follows the leadership) most of the time. Why hasn’t he been out front like Senator Cotton or Senator Hawley. We never see any conservative leadership from Tillis or Burr. In fact, Burr has totally disappeared. even though we are in the fight of our lives here in North Carolina. I think this explains a lot of the frustration with Tillis and the entire NC Republican Party leadership. If Donald Trump were not on the ballot, I’m not sure there would be any excitement among the conservative grassroots except possibly for the candidacies of Dan Forest and Paul Newby.

  5. so Burr’s seat is up in two years……..what are we a’goin’ to do about it? We need to start NOW!

    1. Betsy
      We will have a heated primary for sure for Senator Burr’s seat. I am supporting Mark Walker in this race and believe he will be a true conservative serving NC.

      1. We can do better than Walker. His first act in Congress was to vote for John Boehner for speaker against the express wishes of his constituents. He’s gradually lost touch with the folks back home And his constituent service was grinding down to the level of Thom Tillis and Renee Ellmers. Proof? Did you notice the screams of outrage from 6th District Republicans when the General Assembly screwed Walker on the re-draw? That’s right, there was none, at least outside of Guilford County, and a lot of insignificant small counties in Walker’s district thought he deserved what he got.

    2. let see if Trump wins if he does not no reason to worry about 2 years America will not last that long

    3. SUPPORT a Conservative, not a handpicked guinea pig NCGOP places on the ballot. And hope the GOP in the Gen Assembly clean up their acts. Embarrassing the scandal forthcoming. Seems they took the majority and power and used for THEIR good and NOT the good of the people.

  6. Don’t be a damn fool. The US Senate is at stake. Do you want Chuck Shumer running the Senate or Mitch McConnell ? Hold your nose and vote for Sen. Tillis. This is too important.

    1. That you are SCREAMING for us to vote for Tillis shows just how poor and weak a candidate/senator he really is. WE should be enthusiastic and highly motivated to support, vote and campaign for him. That we are not, is on him, not us. And I very well know the Senate is at stake and the only reason Trump isn’t impeached. And yet Cal is no better and has zero morals nor ethics. How did all this stay hidden so long?

  7. Down River—Your comment is about the only valid reason to support Tillis. He’s just an empty suit who can show up and vote like he’s told. Other than that, he’s good for nothing. Just like Burr who has seemingly disappeared altogether. I guess Burr shows up once a month to collect his paycheck. I suppose Tillis can do the same. NC has really sent two losers to Washington.

  8. I just asked Bob Orr (via LTR) what he would have done if Hillary Clinton had lied about him like she did against Donald Trump
    and put his life through four years of pure hell. Orr and others relied on the Republican party to get elected and now it is time to get
    all of our candidates to stop the socialist juggernaut that the dems promise.
    Just because Trump doesn’t know how to say pretty please is no reason to vote for socialists and communists

    Never Trumpers owe Donald Trump an apology!

  9. “How did all this stay hidden so long?” Look at the size of the conspiracy against Trump! Be grateful Trump has posed such a threat to the Deep State that they have been forced to reveal themselves before they were fully prepared. I’ve tried to warn about the amazing extent of dishonesty in government at the local, state and national level, as well as the dangerous curriculum in our schools, but it took Trump to expose enough so the public can begin to see the extent of the threat while voters still (barely) have time to act.

    Maybe you haven’t noticed, but most of the media sings from the same songbook. Plus Hollywood and Academia and most of the Sports/Entertainment industry. Are those enemies of the truth bribed, bullied, or brainwashed socialists- or maybe a bit of all three? And this is not just a problem at the national level.

    I sometimes think the purpose of government (in the eyes of some of our Honorables) is to help them amass personal power and wealth by using taxpayer funds to secure enough favorable publicity to enable them to misallocate more funds. We have permitted government to get so big that most people (including most elected officials) have no idea how our “representatives” are really spending the money we send to Raleigh or Washington. We have more government than we can afford in more ways than one, because much of the money that is supposed to be spent for the benefit of the public is actually used to mislead the public so the insiders can continue to reward themselves and their allies.

    If the public had a clue about how their government is being run, Roy Cooper could not have come close to being elected governor and Robin Hayes would have been removed as Chair of the NCGOP well before he received a visit from the FBI. The public should realize Trump isn’t being attacked by the gang because he is impolite; he is being attacked because he is a threat to radical Islam, Communist China, and crony capitalists around the world. He is cutting into the profits of the people who sold our country out to Iran, Communist China and anyone else willing to pay them enough to abuse the power of the offices they hold.

    Trump (and Tillis) may not be perfect, but for crying out loud, please look at the alternatives. The Obama-Biden-Clinton administration has done everything possible to prevent Trump from being successful, yet Trump has in fact done more to help the American people (and the people of the world) in less than four years than the previous administration did in eight.

    Biden and Harris are pushing programs even worse than those pushed in the Obama-Biden administration. Trump and Pence want to re-open the country, preserve the Bill of Rights and follow the path that was working so well before before the China virus hit. Should be an easy choice for any informed voter. I just hope those informed voters turn out in adequate numbers to overwhelm the voter fraud that is so clearly being planned.

  10. You left off Tillis pushing the 50 year for profit I-77 toll lane contract on NC taxpayers, his close involvement with the law firm representing the Spanish company that will reap the profits, and the punishment doled out to Conservative NC legislators who opposed him on that.

    Tillis lost a LOT of votes in the Charlotte area over that, and he has done nothing to earn them back.

    Thom should be packing his “big boy pants” and slithering back home, unfortunately the Dems fielded an equally bad candidate.

  11. Most of us would probably agree that when this election is over, no matter how it turns out, the GOP needs a major self-assessment. Are we going to be a viable alternative to the Democratic Left? Are we going to be a truly conservative party or some moderate-conservative mixture that is constantly battling against itself? And how do we deal with the RINOs who are in the party for opportunistic reasons but obfuscate conservative policies and even support the opposition? I don’t think these questions can be avoided past this election cycle. They’ve been ignored for too long already.

    1. How I agree with you. You are speaking my language. When and how. Past time. Been saying that since the days of Reagan and Jesse Helms…we’ve had no person close to their conservatism. We can wish and want and seek…..

    2. The NC Constitution Party is growing with each passing week and is ready to welcome conservatives with open arms. 😉

  12. Question? If we knew then what we know now about Bob Orr would he have been elected as a republican to state Supreme Court?
    And the democrats would never have considered him. So who does he credit with getting him elected? Cash those retirement
    checks Mr. Orr and enjoy your isolation. Sad.

  13. Electing a Democrat Senate majority would have consequences, short and long term, far beyond anything Tillis could dream of doing, much less accomplish. I am surprised at how many here treat this possible eventuality so lightly. The wrath now being expressed toward Tillis is gladly accepted and supported by Kamala Harris, James Comey, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. People who willingly and purposefully injure themselves are not thinking soundly.

  14. To ALL-
    Where were you in the primary?and that goes to the Clifton Guy???—The opportunity was there to replace Tillis on the Rep/ ticket. Now he is there and as much as we don’t like him we have little choice!!
    Than must look to giving the people of N.C. a party that truly and without corruption represents them.
    Ron Margiotta, former Chair of the Wake Cty. School Bd.

    1. Ah yes, the primary. One reason why the RNC helpfully ensure that puppets like the lobbyist now occupying the State Chairmanship always beat out conservative candidates is because a conservative Chairman might actually allow only Republicans to participate in the Republican Primary.

  15. Now we hear that Mr. Handsome was having an affair with the wife of a severely wounded soldier.
    Just another lying democrat with no redeeming moral values. Maybe he should be reassigned to combat duty.
    He would find out what real soldiers think of wife stealing lawyers.

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