Bob Steinburg. (*Pure Class.*)



He’s picked fights with opposing candidates and staff.  He’s threatened the Dare County DA.  Now, he’s reportedly crashed an elementary school faculty meeting and verbally abused some of the staff.   From what I hear,  senator Bob Steinburg (R) is doing a bang-up Job of getting-out-the-vote for his Democrat opponent in November — Tess Judge.


A friend of this site, who happens to teach at the school in question (Gatesville Elementary in Gates County),  shared an eyewitness account of Hurricane Bob’s, um, “visit”to the school this past week:


My dear friends and family, I would like to share what happened to me at work today. My hope is that you will share it and get your friends to share it so that it goes viral. At our monthly staff meeting at school today, we were visited by Senator Bob Steinburg. (I was told that the Senator invited himself.)


Several of the things he said were not exactly correct.  He stated that NC was first in teacher pay in the Southeast. (Actually, we are second —  30th in the nation). He also touted that the senate had put in a 5% pay raise for teachers in a budget the governor vetoed. (The governor vetoed the budget for several reasons, one of which was he wanted a higher percentage for teacher’s raises.)


When he had finished his talking, teachers began to ask questions. I asked about teacher salaries and raises.  I stated that due to inflation and small teacher raises (or no teacher raises) I believe  I am not better off than 10 years ago and have struggled my entire 23 year career.


He then asked me my salary, I had to think and told him what it was approximately. He then asked me what I thought his salary was. I said I couldn’t guess. He stated it was only $14,000 a year, and he “work(s) harder than [I] do.” […]


I felt highly disrespected and stood up and walked out of the meeting. I told the principal I would return when she restarted the staff meeting and I didn’t appreciate being told he works harder than I do.


I was told later that as I was walking out Steinburg said I was disrespectful and that I was part of the problem. A few minutes later I had calmed down and was going to return to the meeting. The nurse and the PE teacher saw me and came to tell me not to come back in ( which scared me).  I thought I had really screwed up.


I learned the rest of the story after the meeting.  When I had walked out earlier the senator asked for my name and said “He’s going to pay for that.”


The principal would not give my name. The Senator then asked my principal’s name. She also refused that request. He told her she should go after me and reprimand me, to which she said, “you don’t tell me what to do.”


After returning to the meeting, a State Board Member reiterated that we were working very hard and learned to do things we had never done before in a very short time. After the meeting the staff and principal were very supportive. I was still upset, but felt very loved. […]