STILL taking sides (or appearing to) in Moore County

During the primary for US Senate, the Moore County GOP invited US Senator Richard Burr to speak at their annual dinner.  His THREE primary opponents were not invited.  Granted, Burr won the primary (though, in a not so comfortable fashion). But is it really up to party bosses to decide who voters do and do not get to hear from during a primary?

Apparently, it is in Moore County.  A few weeks back, the Moore County GOP sent out an email blast promoting a town hall meeting with 8th district congressional candidate Tim D’Annunzio in Aberdeen.  There were all kinds of disclaimers on the email indicating that the email was purely informational and NOT an endorsement.

Fast forward to late last week.  Moore County Republicans got THIS email from the official party address inviting them to a fundraiser for our new incumbent — thanks to the recent shady round of redistricting — Rep. Richard Hudson:


I couldn’t find the disclaimer about this being “purely for informational purposes”.  *It sure was helpful to include a link to Hudson’s web-based fundraising page.*  But we did get this legalese at the bottom of the email:


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again.  The party apparatus needs to stay the hell out of primary races.  Wait until the voters have picked a nominee, and then jump in head-first. (I know. I know. Don’t hold my breath.)