#ncga: House & Senate GOPers to huddle on Hasan Wednesday AM

That’s the word I am getting.  A rare Joint Republican Businessmen fightingCaucus meeting is going down on Jones Street.  The top item on the agenda?  It’s the hot mess over at NCGOP HQ.  (I’m told –oh, joy — that rodeo clown Dallas Woodhouse will be standing by in case the confab-ing honorables, um, “need” him.) 

I can’t get a straight answer on the general consensus about the soap opera.  But insiders are confirming for me that the whole drama is truly part of a power-play for North Carolina’s presidential delegates.

It’s interesting timing for the meeting to take place the morning after today’s northeastern primaries.  It’s been suggested that Donald Trump could nail down the nomination tonight photo_69095_wide_largewith a big win.  Said big win would make a brokered / open convention — the wildest fantasy of MISTER POPE — a lot less likely.

If you had a brokered or open convention, a really helpful tactic for the establishment would be to hijack the North Carolina delegation (by, say, deposing the duly elected chairman) and  dropping the state delegation’s votes in the pocket of a preferred establishment candidate.

But a big win by Trump today would certainly throw a monkey wrench into those plans.