#ncga: House & Senate GOPers to huddle on Hasan Wednesday AM

That’s the word I am getting.  A rare Joint Republican Businessmen fightingCaucus meeting is going down on Jones Street.  The top item on the agenda?  It’s the hot mess over at NCGOP HQ.  (I’m told –oh, joy — that rodeo clown Dallas Woodhouse will be standing by in case the confab-ing honorables, um, “need” him.) 

I can’t get a straight answer on the general consensus about the soap opera.  But insiders are confirming for me that the whole drama is truly part of a power-play for North Carolina’s presidential delegates.

It’s interesting timing for the meeting to take place the morning after today’s northeastern primaries.  It’s been suggested that Donald Trump could nail down the nomination tonight photo_69095_wide_largewith a big win.  Said big win would make a brokered / open convention — the wildest fantasy of MISTER POPE — a lot less likely.

If you had a brokered or open convention, a really helpful tactic for the establishment would be to hijack the North Carolina delegation (by, say, deposing the duly elected chairman) and  dropping the state delegation’s votes in the pocket of a preferred establishment candidate.

But a big win by Trump today would certainly throw a monkey wrench into those plans.


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  1. A fair meeting would have BOTH sides standing by to give their input. Woodhouse has been a major player in the conspiracy to purge the grassroots. He is a major enemy of the grassroots.

    These legislators are playing with fire. If they join the lynch mob against the grassroots, they will be punished in their November elections, as they darn well should be. This is not their fight, and if they they try to make it theirs, grassroots voters will make it their fight to get them out of office.

    This is not about one man. This is a war against the grassroots by a pack of arrogant elitist establishment thugs. They have had their panties in a twist since they lost the last state convention and they want to get even, whether they destroy the party in the process or not. All of the blowback from their jihad will be on their shoulders.

    1. At prior conventions, we were told not to “try and legislate through resolutions” and that the party and the government needed some separation from each other. But it sounds like party leadership is OK with influence working the opposite direction.

      1. That is essentially the gist of the problem. Is Harnett ideal for his position? Questionable. But the Central Committee believes that he is not only the heart of the problem, but that the problem is confined to him. Not looking into a mirror, they can’t see that their high-handed behavior is appalling to people who got tired of top down management within the Party, of rules that apply to them but not to the Central Committee or elected Republicans, and a Central Committee that seems more purposeful with ingratiating themselves to the Governor and the Legislators than advancing a conservative agenda.

        Instead of repelling attacks on the Party via HB 373 and going after the the General Assembly GOP caucuses for backsliding on conservative initiatives and other embarrassing scandals, they think going after the grassroots-elected Chairman is the most important thing on their plate.

        And that is why a fair number of county Party leaders are willing to give Harnett a pass, because the offenses of the Central Committee eclipse anything he may be at fault about.

        Oh yes, nearly forgot…dragging the legislators into Party business is the lapse in judgment that infuriates a lot of Executive Committee members and leads to initiatives like the upcoming proposal to remove the legislators FROM the Executive Committee.

  2. I for one was not a support of Hasan but when he won last year I went up to him and told him I would support him because for us to be successful he needed to be successful. That evening I was disturbed by the nasty stuff Daniel Rufty and Adam Love were posting; uncalled for after winning. But I gave Hasan the benefit of the doubt. Even though he had not experience and had only worked in one campaign I felt that he would listen and learn and grow. But over the last year I have become increasingly concerned. He has not learned — he has not learned the Plan of Organization, he has not learned Robert’s Rules nor has he learned how to become a leader. The meetings I have attended have become worse and worse and it became apparent that he was not willing to accept help or advice. Everyone one wanted him to succeed. It appears the only one that did not want him to succeed is himself. He alienated the Central Committee and the staff and now the Executive Committee members. He has also managed to alienate the folks at the RNC Instead of listening to the bomb throwing convict Rufty he would have been better off listening to the acclaimed parliamentarian Mary Frances Forrester who offered help many times but was ignored. At least he would have learned how to run a meeting instead of a 6 hour FUBAR.

    1. This is not really about Harnett personally. The key people in this crusade against him are Craig Collins die-hards, joined by power hungry members of the Central Committee. Those members of the Central Committee care so little about the party operating efficiently that they voted to keep themselves in office as district chairmen even though half of them do not even live in their districts any more, at variance with how that has been handled in the past in the NCGOP when the lines changed mid-term like this. ( How is that supposed to work for efficiently helping our Congressional candidates this November? Who should be more important – our Congressional candidates or the special snowflakes holding office as district chairmen?)

      This group has set out to neuter the chairman from the very day he was elected. The very night of the convention outcome, establishment people were already boasting of how they would destroy Harnett. Now we see their plot coming to fruition. This is not just an attack on Harnett but an attack on the grassroots. Part of their scheme was to transfer as much of the chairman’s functions as possible to the Executive Director, which is a horrible precedent for the party, especially since they hired the unqualified goober that they did for that position. Not only that but Woodhouse has a history with Karl Rove and that makes him poison to the grassroots. Of course, the whole idea of using Jim Martin this way is to have an elderly former governor who won’t be around much as the figurehead while Woodhouse screws the pooch.

      1. you speak the truth from my current understanding of this situation and of the past history of the party

        What will be the future of the NCGOP and it has nothing to do with the current chairman these problems existed before he was ever elected its just that is was all hidden away so everyone would be kept in the dark

    2. Sunny can you tell me what the difference is in the establishment Republicans like yourself and the democrat party? Please tell me what you are most proud of the past 7 years?

    3. I am hearing that all this is true. Hassan is the benefactor of grassroots dissent, but sadly he was undeserving of their support. He was convenient. Now, we have to find someone else to carry the grass root torch.

      1. ”Undeserving”? Why? Because the Central Committee power clique has cut him off at every turn since he was elected? Does that make him ”undeserving”? Because he used a valid power that he had to try to fight for the grassroots against the Central Committee’s very obnoxious and very anti-grassroots delegate fee, which they did not have the power to implement by themselves? Because a con man who is a friend of one of his Central Committee enemies tried to set him up on that ridiculous ”hacking” charade?

        It is the plotters who all need to be removed from the offices they hold.

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