Still beating on — and lying about — Mark Robinson

Anybody out there seriously believe that the drive-by media would be all worked up about all this GAY STUFF if Robinson had a (D) next to his name?

Apparently, it’s still OK to beat up on Christians.  Thanks to us,  WRAL’s Laura Leslie made national headlines blaming North Carolina church-goers for a massacre at a gay night club in Orlando, Florida.  Leslie is STILL covering politics for that godforsaken, unwatchable network.

On Monday,  WRAL’s partners-in-crime, The N&O, ran with this headline:

NC Lt. Gov. confronts Democrat after she says politicians shouldn’t attack LGBTQ constituents

Now, is THAT what he really said?

Was Robinson really defending attacks on gay people?  Let’s look deeper into The N&O’s article:

[…] North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, a Republican who has used his pulpit to make numerous anti-LGBTQ comments, confronted a Democratic lawmaker Monday night after she gave a speech responding to Robinson’s remarks. Robinson “berated” state Sen. Julie Mayfield, a Democrat from Asheville, after her speech and wagged his finger in front of her face, saying he didn’t appreciate her “equating Black people with gay people,” according to Mayfield and another lawmaker who witnessed the encounter.[…]

I bet you can find loads of black people who find equating men dressing like women and gay sex with being black to be offensive.

Why the dishonest headline on this story?  The N&O was founded as a propaganda sheet for the pro-KKK Democrat Party. The paper has a long history of printing lies.  (The paper’s former owners now own our local paper here in Moore County.  So, we get subjected to the same caliber of lying but at less volume.)


Robinson slapped back at The N&O in an applause-worthy manner:

[…] Reached by phone, Robinson said he didn’t want to talk about the incident and that it made him angry. “If you weren’t there to hear what I said to her, you’ll just have to take her word for it because anything I tell you you’re probably going to twist for your own purposes,” Robinson said.[…]

First of all, Robinson does not need to be speaking off-the-cuff to drive-bys.  None of them are there to help.  They are all there to print lies and embarrass him to the fullest for daring to set foot off of the plantation.  Let him talk directly to the grassroots activists who got him into office.

Unfortunately, we have no relationship with Robinson’s office.  (We’d like one.).  I, for one, am a former drive-by.  I am likely the only conservative journalist out there.  I’ve also worked on successful campaigns.  I know a little something about smart media work.

Republicans need to stop talking to the drive-bys.  They need to follow the lead of our newly-elected D.A. down here in Moore.  Our prosecutor sends the local paper — again, owned by the liberals who used to own The N&O — a full blown press release when they want comment.  Surprisingly, his releases get printed verbatim.

Robinson, and other Republicans, need to go on offense.  They are spending too much time on defense.  In football,  it spells trouble for your team if your defense is on the field longer than your offense.  (Make the other side explain why they believe cross-dressing or gay sex is the same damn thing as being black. You notice that detail is buried in The N&O story, but the “attack LGBTQXYZ++++” stuff is IN THE HEADLINE.)

Champion smaller government and less spending.  I know that will be tough — given the budget the Republican majority just sent to Governor Stoopid.

Champion being tougher on crime.  Point out that the state’s most crime-ridden cities are all Democrat controlled.  Run ads showing the Raleigh and Durham riots from last summer.  An unpopular body-cam video from halfway across the country is no excuse for rioting here.  (In fact, there IS no good excuse for rioting.)

Roy Cooper and his “state of emergency” have done unprecedented damage to the state’s economy.  Yet, the stupid drive-bys are overly concerned about Mark Robinson’s feelings on the homosexual lifestyle.

Weak on crime.  Pro-spending and pro-big government. Pro-indoctrination of our school children.  Those are things the Democrats are.  And they are PROUD of it.  They are also things that bring out the rage in voters and make them vote Republican.