CRT, Gay stuff and a ‘gender unicorn’ at The North Carolina Governor’s School


Many of you might already know about Governor’s School.  It’s where the supposed best and brightest of our high school kids go to bolster their CVs for college and expand their minds.  North Carolina has divided its governor’s school into two parts: (1) Governor’s School West, hosted at High Point University, and (2) Governor’s School East, hosted at Raleigh’s Meredith College.    NC DPI, run by Republican Catherine Truitt,  oversees the school.

There has been a lot of heated debate across the state about the possibility of teaching critical race theory (CRT) — which alleges everything wrong with the world is the fault of white people — in our public schools.  Apparently,  CRT has already kicked into gear,  regardless of what the “little” people think.

A reader who is apparently very close to the situation at Governor’s School West sent us the following information.  Here, we have a presentation to the kiddies that “explains” gender is merely a “social construct.”  In other words,  it’s something that’s assigned to you by society.  (Page 9 in the linked document mentions GSW, or Governor’s School West.) The presentation introduces us all to the “gender unicorn,” explains the meaning of binary and non-binary gender, and includes a link to a UN document illustrating how LGBTQXYZs are treated throughout the world.

Here, we have another presentation which breaks down for the kiddies at GSW the evils of “privilege.”   Here are two really *profound* quotes from this document:

*So,  we’re replacing “The Classics” with The New York Times?*
And last, but not least, we have a document explaining to white kids how to know if they are using their white privilege to “oppress” black kids,  while also educating black kids how to recognize white privilege and “survive” it.
Most of these kids likely can’t tell you when The Declaration of Independence was signed, but could surely give you an earful on binary gender and white privilege.  We, as a country, are in so much trouble.