State Rep. Neal Jackson stands up for COVID shot skeptics

Moore County’s newest legislator is co-sponsoring legislation that forbids government entities  from discriminating against or harassing people who refuse to (a) get vaccinated against COVID, or (b) provide evidence of vaccination.

All sorts of educated people, medical experts, governing bodies and the like have been sounding the alarm about dangerous side effects related to COVID vaccines.  Yet, statists continue to demand EVERYONE get vaccinated as much as possible.  (One would think a lot of these authoritarian demanders are on Big Pharma’s payroll.  These demands certainly don’t hurt Big Pharma’s bottom line.)

Our local fishwrap in Moore County can’t be pleased with this. (Mr. Nagy is likely pulling out what’s left of his hair.  Op-ed page attacks on Jackson should begin in, oh, 5-4-3-2 ….)