Moore County’s award-winning fishwrap still smearing COVID shot skeptic

Horrible John Nagy just will not leave this old man alone:

[…] Double Bogey, by the Moore County Board of Commissioners, for its recent appointment of an outright COVID vaccine critic to the Board of Health.

West End resident Tom LoSapio, appointed to finish out a term that expires in April, has established a reputation over the past few years of standing up at Board of Health, Board of Commissioners and Board of Education meetings to criticize public health provisions during the coronavirus pandemic, such as masking and vaccines.

At one meeting, LoSapio said he would “rather die of COVID than get that shot,” a position that runs counter to the Board of Health’s mission to support and encourage sound, scientifically proven public safety measures.

As for transparency, the commissioners’ agenda made no mention of LoSapio’s name or application, as is common with all its advisory boards. The board’s meeting packet had applicant information for other boards, but nothing from LoSapio, who wrote in a two-page letter accompanying his application that the health board is “blindly following one narrative only, with COMPLETE DISREGARD for any other information source” in its response to the pandemic.

What’s next? Teenagers on the Aging Advisory Council? Book burners on the Library Board of Trustees? An election denier on the Board of Elections? The commissioners are frittering away important leadership positions and making us all look foolish in the process.[…]

The Nage-ster still doesn’t have the guts to put his name on his printed bile.  But we know it’s him.

There are a lot of serious-minded pillars of the community in this county who are COVID shot skeptics.  People who live in Comrade Woronoff’s gated community.  People who actively blacklist Comrade Woronoff from their cocktail party invite lists.

A quick glance at search engine results finds all kinds of reasons to be skeptical of COVID vaccines.   The FDA warns of an increased risk of heart inflammation.  The World Health Organization warns against COVID shots for healthy people.  The CDC warns about an increased risk of anaphylaxis.  The European Union warns of adverse effects on the immune system.  Shall I continue?

People like Comrade Woronoff and the Nage-ster don’t like dissent.  They believe “science” is more credible than the Bible.  Unquestionable.  Never mind that skepticism — over “facts” such as the world being flat — has been a key ingredient in all kinds of scientific advancement over the centuries.

Lefties like the Nage-ster loooooooove “diversity” when it means more Marxist, authoritarian doctrine shoved down people’s throats.  It’s not about actual differing constructive opinions and healthy debate.

I’m a big fan of dissent.  That’s what our site is all about.  The Comrades won’t even acknowledge in their fishwrap that anyone SANE disagrees with them.

Comrades Woronoff and Nagy manage a far-left Marxist fishwrap in one of the most conservative and Republican counties in the state.  Have they been shut up and run out of town?  No, they are tolerated.  They won’t go bankrupt because Comrade Woronoff and his family got paid waaaaaaaaaay too much for The News & Observer.  Woronoff couldn’t blow all that money in his lifetime if he tried.

He’s here as long as he wants to be.  Even if his readership shrinks to the size of the morning-shift staff at CCNC’s bag-drop.

In the meantime, Pravda-on-west-Pennsylvania needs to show some manners and courtesy toward Mr. Losapio and the rest of the citizens of Moore County.  Show some tolerance like they demand — and receive — from us.