MD accuses Cooper admin of ”illegal advertising” re: COVID shots

Dr. Peter McCullough, a leading national critic of the COVID-19 vaccines, recently took to the airwaves on ‘Real America’s Voice’ to complain about the government’s advertising tactics regarding the COVID vaccines.

McCullough told host John Fredericks: 

[…] All biopharmaceutical products have to be presented with both the risks and the benefits. The companies and the governments together have defrauded Americans in terms of the truth on the vaccine. […]

McCullough went on to cite a recent lawsuit by a Japanese physician against the Japanese government for “false advertising” regarding the COVID vaccine.  Blood clots, myocarditis, strokes, and neurological damage  in fully-vaccinated patients have all been documented by physicians worldwide.   Lots of physicians, medical groups, and government entities have sounded the alarm about serious side effects from the COVID vaccines.

Yet, the NC Department of Health and Human Services and Roy Cooper can’t be bothered with those details.   Here’s one of their ads. (Nothing to see here, folks. It’s for the kids!)

Here’s the DHHS website re: COVID shots.  Not ONE WORD about side effects, dangerous or otherwise.

Fredericks confirms, on the video, he has seen the NC state government advertising.  I’ve talked with several people who can recall seeing the state-financed ads — lacking the side effect info — during the broadcast of last night’s Super Bowl.  Our tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen.