Some, um, “nutritious” Qs for Mark & Yolanda

The drive-by media — the alleged “mainstream media” — is falling down on its job as our supposed eyes-and-ears and defenders of The First Amendment.  They didn’t want to tell the truth on Scott Lassiter’s lawsuit against Speaker Timmy.  They apparently don’t want to tell the truth about the “family business” — Balanced Nutrition — being run by our lieutenant governor and his wife. 

So, what do we do?  Take it straight to Mark and Yolanda themselves.  In order to see either one of them, you have to attend a fundraiser — typically, one being held out of state or at a swanky in-state, private locale.

If you get the chance to get in the room with either of them, have your phone ready to record the interaction.  Here are a few good things to ask:

  1.  Your business took TWO paycheck protection loans – meant for businesses that lost revenue due to COVID. Your business records do not indicate any sort of revenue loss.  Was it right and lawful for you to take those loans? (According to our information, the loans were “forgiven.” So, you did not have to pay them back.)
  2. On several filings to the IRS, you affirmed that there were no conflicts of interest nor family relationships in your company structure.  Yet your own documents indicate that at least FIVE of your family members are either company staffers or board members.  Did you mislead the IRS?  If so, when will you correct that information? 
  3. The lieutenant governor devotes a lot of time to bashing “the welfare state.” Yet, the “welfare state” is a key player in his business and its success.  Is it hypocritical for you to be in this business WHILE being out on the campaign trail bashing the so-called “welfare state”?  
  4. Your business involves distributing federal reimbursement money to daycare centers who have applied to DHHS for meal reimbursements.  Is your business actually necessary and / or cost-effective?  Would the taxpayers be better served by having DHHS handle this directly instead of inserting your “family business” as a middle-man? 
  5. For multiple years, you failed to identify to the IRS your employees and / or board members. In some cases, you neglected to provide salary payment information.  Since you are handling taxpayer money, doesn’t the public deserve to know what’s happening to the money flowing through your business?
  6. You guys swore on your IRS filings you would provide copies of your financials upon request to anyone who asks.  Yet, right now, you are refusing to comply with at least one lawful request for some documents.  Did you mislead the IRS?  Or is this an oversight that will be quickly addressed?
  7. On some of your IRS filings, your business’s financial numbers are clearly wrong or in conflict with the numbers in independent audits for the same period.  In some cases, you have allowed these “errors” to stand for YEARS without correction or clarification.  Will you, at some point, update and / or correct this information? 

I’m not going to hold my breath for Butch and the gang at WRAL, nor the folks at The N&O to wake up and start doing their jobs.  We, the people, have to take it upon ourselves to demand answers from the folks who say they want to serve us.

If you get either Mark or Yolanda to talk about any of this  — and get it on video — send it to us here at the site or post it on Twitter or YouTube or Rumble.  Even if you ask and they ‘No Comment’ you or run away, we still want the video.

We’ll make sure your diligence, camerawork and amateur journalism gets the respect they deserve.