UNC’s answer to SCOTUS rejection of race-based admissions? FREE school for “certain” folks.

The lefties in Chapel Hill are not taking The US Supreme Court’s blow to UNC’s race-based admissions policies lightly. It’s been pounded into our heads that it is wrong and evil to deny something to someone because of their race.  But lefties think it’s OK to GIVE rewards to people BECAUSE of their race.  Apparently, the majority on the high court — like many of us — are wondering where the whole “content of their character” thing went. 

UNC’s chancellor has said the system will now offer FREE tuition to “certain” applicants who come from family incomes below $80,000 per year.  In certain parts of the state, a family income of $80,000 can be somewhat comfortable.  In many metropolitan (and Democrat-run) areas, it is far from it.  Students from families at or above the $80K mark already paid a lot in taxes that has found its way into the UNC coffers.  So now they’re expected to pay for other families’ kids TOO?

The UNC announcement reminds me of what my alma mater — George Washington University — did in the late 80s and early 90s.  The school promised free tuition to any and all graduates of DC high schools.  Nine times out of ten, a “DC high school graduate” translates to “black person.”

GW now costs close to $100,000 per year for full-time students.  It was  not much less than that when I attended.

The school got around the affirmative action quota stigma, but still managed to stick it to white students. Quite a few white students did not come from families who could afford tuition and fees in the ballpark of $75K per year.  But just being born with dark skin earned you a ~$300K benefit  and a free education at one of the nation’s top universities.  

Attending college full-time in Chapel Hill now will cost you about $26K per year.  At the income levels set in the chancellor’s proposal, the beneficiaries of the FREE SCHOOL will more likely than not have dark skin.

Stuff like what’s being done at GW, and now appears underway in Chapel Hill, is a great way to foster and nurture resentment — not bring the races together.  If you’re white, you’ll go into debt or have to work a few jobs to pay for school.  If your skin is darker (and you fall into this income bracket), there will be no debt for you. 

Rewarding the “oppressed” to the detriment of white folks is a vital part of the DEI and CRT nonsense being promoted throughout our nation’s education establishment.

I’ve found, via personal experience and other observations, that “skin-in-the-game” forces people to take an opportunity more seriously than those who have NONE in “the game.”  You tend to take something more seriously when you are shelling out cash from your own pocket.

If you truly want to open up the higher education opportunity to more people, why not look for ways to lower the costs of attending college? How about scrapping a lot of the nonsense Gay-Indigent-special needs-socialist-womens-empowerment type majors and degrees?  Killing off things like that removes a lot of expensive deadweight from the faculty, saves on infrastructure costs, and goes a long way to restoring some integrity to our college campuses.

Bring the cost down so students can have some hope of actually getting some return on their and their families’ investments.