Smacking Speciale (But what about lil’ Tricia?)

It appears that The N&O’s Colin Campbell is competing with 12050830-1368227387-300x225Rob Christensen for this year’s “Laziest PoS in the Newsroom” title.  So far, the competition looks quite,um, heated. 

Colin decided to highlight ONE particular post from state Rep. Michael Speciale’s (R-Craven) Facebook page.

Is Speciale a powerful resident of Jones Street?  Nope.  He’s in the majority.  But he hasn’t bought into the CORRUPTION game.  He’s still actually trying to speak for — and represent — the people back home.  So, he is hated by the crowd inside the beltline.  And kept in the corner.

Whenever they get a chance, the beltline crowd will fling a flaming bag of poo at Speciale.  They tried to smear him over the legal problems of his adult son.  How many of you out there want — or think it is fair —  to be held responsible for the actions of your grown children?  I know MY FOLKS don’t. 

Now, he’s getting smacked for daring to share a typo-laden post from someone else badmouthing Obama. drive

I KNOW Campbell has not been sitting around monitoring Speciale’s Facebook page,  One of the opposition research toadies slithering around that town had to have passed it to him.

My question to Campbell is this — why not highlight a really spectacular case like Tricia Cotham?  We posted some of the, um, highlights from her Twitter account.  Upon reading those Tweets, it is easy to come away with one of two conclusions: (1) a four-year old got a hold of Cotham’s Twitter handle and password, or (2) the legislator may be impaired by some kind of developmental disability.

nclegIs no one in the N&O newsroom concerned that this woman — in a position to make important decisions for our state — thinks Christmas is in November? 

Speciale is a principled conservative who gave two decades of his life to defending this country in the United States Marine Corps. Cotham has cruised through life on the coattails of her politically-influential mama.  It’s suspected that she may be running to replace June Atkinson at DPI.  That’s all the more reason to give what few readers The N&O has left a good hard look at what’s going on in the mind of the woman from Matthews.

This hit won’t hurt Speciale back home.  The N&O doesn’t have much penetration in that part of the state.  And an overwhelming number of folks in his district agree with the sentiments posted on his Facebook page.

This is the kind of crap that keeps a lot of good people from stepping up and serving their state and country.  Sometimes, I don’t know how people like Speciale put up with it.  But the man has my respect.  And he should have yours.


24 thoughts on “Smacking Speciale (But what about lil’ Tricia?)

  1. If only we could be so lucky to have 435 House Reps like Speciale in DC.

    Stuff like this is not surprising though when one considers it’s link to the N & obama.

  2. Amen! I haven’t seen the FB post in question; but I can tell you there is no more honorable gentleman in our State government than Mike Speciale, my good friend. Anyone who can’t tell which one is the true patriot between him and Obama is delusional.

      1. Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin were both nominated for Nobel Peace Prizes, too, and in Stalin’s case, twice..

        The Nobel committee these days is highly political and highly left wing. They also gave a Nobel prize to Al Gore for a film that the British High Court ruled was a propaganda film with multiple serious misstatements of fact and ordered that it not be shown to school children without disclaimers of those things.

        These days, the prize in a Cracker Jack box probably has more meaning than the Nobel Peace Prize.

  3. I subscribed to the N&O for years, but now I do not even read it. It went from bad to worse as little more than a twisted left wing political propaganda sheet. I wouldn’t even wrap a dead fish in it. Mike Speciale is one of the minority of principled Republicans in Raleigh.

  4. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrell. There was absolutely nothing else more newsworthy?

    Goes to show you how ignorant our media is. Perhaps they might want to look up the heated little exchange between Adams and Jefferson a few decades ago. Their diatribe makes this look like a non-starter.

    Of course it’s not politically correct to make any disparaging remark (or post one) about Little Barry. He’s one of the protected class.

    The First Amendment is wasted on these bottom dwellers.

    1. There is a difference between a difference of opinion with a political opponent, but to call the PRESIDENT OF THE USA an Islam sumbitch (and worse) is going beyond the boundaries of good taste and common courtesy, if nothing to say of respect for the Office of the President.
      Just because you don’t like someone does NOT mean that you lower yourself to the level of a drunken bum.
      I notice that this representative of the great state of NC has a high school education and 20 years in the military. Does he approve of his Party’s funding cuts for other Veterans? If so, he needs to be looking in the mirror when he starts cussing someone out.

      1. There is no name to call the disgusting wannabee dictator Obama that is too foul. Obama is a despicable traitor who is destroying America before our very eyes.

  5. Who cares what the N&O has to say…. it works very well when using it to wrap fish! (That is what I use it for) We need more folks like Speciale! An honorable individual, who continues to do his best and to serve! Proud to have him represent me in “Raleighwood”.

  6. Specials is an embarrassment and should be ashamed of himself, if he had any moral compass. What Christian uses language like that about anyone? NC should require more from their elected officials, unless they are content to just pluck them off the playground for bullies. Ugh.

    1. Michael Speciale is not an embarrassment! He stands for what is right! You will always find him on the right side of an issue! Maybe I don’t agree with the language in the post, but, most of us agree with the sentiment… Mike Speciale is one of the best things that happened to NC!

    2. Mike Speciale is one of the few legislators who actually read the bills that come before the legislature instead of relying on the lobbyists, and he represents the peoples interests, not the special interests. We need a lot more like him.

  7. All I know is that he helped draft and co-sponsored last years horrible drone legislation which allows law enforcement huge loopholes to conduct warrantless surveillance on innocent North Carolinians.

    1. If that’s all you know, you’re not paying attention. Mike didn’t write that bill himself. It might have been much worse. His one focus is always protecting the citizens rights by upholding the Constitution.

      1. I was paying very close attention. I was in the room when they drafted it. The one contribution that I saw Rep. Speciale make was that he changed one of the loopholes for warrantless police drone surveillance from “To photograph gatherings on public or private land” to “To photograph publicgatherings on public or private land.” Pretty thin protection, IMO.

        The one Democrat on the UAS committee active by the end of it tried to make substantive changes, but she kept coming back to us during the breaks saying “I don’t see any support on the committee for this.”

        The whole process was dominated by Rep. Torbett, whose mantra was that we dared not put too many privacy protections on drone use, or that big juicy industry with the jobs and the investment etc., won’t settle here (nobody ever demonstrated why those two things were necessarily connected). He told me that if they went too far, the courts would step in to protect us. And if that didn’t work, there was always violent revolution, like in 1776. Great. Thanks.

        No one including Rep. Speciale challenged this mindset, or did anything substantive to protect us from the surveillance state that is taking root thanks in part to that legislation.

  8. I am lucky enough to have Rep Speciale as my Third District Representative. The N&O: I haven’t subscribed in years.

  9. So, notorious white trash inbred Michael Special(e) has a white trash opinion of the leader of the free world—and he shares it by reposting a semi-literate screed that he is apparently too ignorant to see was created by a lower life form like himself.

    Judging from his fan page, all the people with IQs in the mid-single digits share his worthless white trash opinion.

    1. Mike Speciale is one of the better legislators in Raleigh. I would love to see him run for Congress when Walter Jones retires. And his IQ is probably at least three times what yours is.

  10. I’m wondering if Rep. Speciale would call President Obama an Islamic son of a bitch to his face. In my opinion, even if Speciale believed everything in the post, it would still have been irresponsible for him to share something so inflammatory. Speciale may be an honorable man and a great politician. But I believe that hitting that “share” button was a bad decision.

  11. We are moving to North Carolina next spring. Thanks for making me aware of one candidate I will not be supporting.

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