NC-02: And THEN there were four …

kdThe GOP primary for the Second congressional district is looking to get even more crowded.  The political class is abuzz with the prospect of a new high-profile entry into the race.  Kay Daly — former spokesperson for the NCGOP and well-known conservative activist — is said to be ready to jump into the fight to bring Renee Ellmers home.   2014 GOP nominee Frank Roche and former Chatham County GOP chairman Jim Duncan have already tossed their hats in the ring to challenge Ellmers.

Daly and her husband Jack recently moved to Moore County, which is an integral part of the Second District.  They’ve both gotten involved in the local GOP organization. Long-time politics watchers may remember her husband Jack’s close-but-no-cigar 2000 run against Democrat state auditor Ralph Campbell. One thing is for sure — Daly will be able to count on some high-powered conservative connections across the state and in the DC area to support her campaign.  (In the recent past, Kay has been a campaign strategist for Vernon Robinson.) 

However, if Daly enters the race, it WILL be interesting to see if ‘Pastor Randy’ makes an appearance..


11 thoughts on “NC-02: And THEN there were four …

  1. It seems like we’ve seen this tactic used before.

    Is she backed by the same “conservatives” who saw Brannon running against Tillis and decided to expand the field with a preacher who happened to be best buds with Tillis?

  2. Carpetbagging in from the Washington beltway to run for Congress seems to be the fad these days, just like Taylor Griffin in District 3.

    There is only one serious North Carolina conservative in this race and it is Jim Duncan.

    1. yes, if any of these folks other than Duncan are real conservatives, they should move next door to the 13th District and challenge the faux conservative incumbent there.

    2. Amen – Jim Duncan’s the REAL DEAL for NC2. He listens, and he has views that are on the RIGHT. We’re all for Jim. Seek him out, meet him and you will agree – Jim for NC.

  3. This is the same Jack Daly Williams that changed his name to Jack Williams Daly so that his name would be listed first on the State House 69 primary ballot in 1994.

  4. It seems like we have candidates who just like to run for office – first Roche and now Kay & Jack. What is their motive?

  5. One does wonder. Kay and Jack could have carpetbagged to a RINO-held district that has no conservative challenger, where they might have actually accomplished something. Instead they carpetbagged to a district where they gum up the works because there is already a strong local conservative challenger to the RINO incumbent. They could have carpetbagged to the 7th or 8th or 9th or 10th and done some good, but where they are they just help the RINOs.

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