RNC says YES to cronyism, corporate welfare

us-government-we-need-a-towSupposedly, the Republican Party is about free markets, individual liberty, and reaping the rewards of hard work.  Yet, we can’t even seem to get the leaders of the party to say NO to the biggest, baddest, most blatant example of crony capitalism and big government meddling out there: The Export-Import Bank.  

The Ex-Im Bank finances a lot of deals for politically-connected big corporations to do business with foreign entities.  An awful lot of its funds end up in the coffers of foreign corporations.   We work hard to stay afloat amid all kinds of regulations and taxes and other assorted government meddling, while the government confiscates our hard-earned gains and hands them over to billion dollar corporations here and abroad. 

In 2010, The Tea Party movement gave the GOP big gains in DC, while under the impression they would use this new power to shrink government and abolish waste and abuse like the Ex-Im Bank.  But since then, the GOP has worked hand-in-glove with the rest of the DC establishment to breathe new life into it. 

Big corporations — the kind that pay lobbyists and fund big PACs that dump money into political campaigns — really, really LOVE the Ex-Im Bank. The US Chamber of Commerce — which has dumped a lot of PAC money into Republican pockets on Capitol Hill — LOVES the Ex-Im Bank.

Conservatives are being pressured into holding their noses and voting for less-than-palatable Republicans in November.  We’re told that it’s necessary to get that horrible Harry Reid out of power, and to put a check on Barry Obama.

Let’s think about that.  Harry Reid and Barry Obama think ObamaCare is OK, and have no intention of defunding it or slowing it down.  DC Republicans have made it clear on multiple occasions that they have no plans to defund or slow down ObamaCare. Barry Obama and Harry Reid like the Ex-Im Bank.  Yet, Renee Ellmers and the leadership of the Republican National Committee can’t bring themselves to say NO to Ex-Im.

As the lines / differences continue to blur, we have to ask: Why should we vote Republican, again?  What difference will it truly make?

In Raleigh and in DC, the predominant sentiment is in favor of managing government — not weakening or shrinking it.  It’s about controlling people — showing them how much they “need” these bureaucrats and politicians and agencies.  TWO groups fighting over who gets to control us. 

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. WE ARE ON OUR OWN.


9 thoughts on “RNC says YES to cronyism, corporate welfare

  1. “Supposedly, the Republican Party is about free markets, individual liberty, and reaping the rewards of hard work.”

    (1) That’s a really big “supposedly” 🙂
    (2) Not for a whole lot of them, and not just in DC. We have plenty of NC state government guys that arent fans of free markets either, not when they can abuse the power of government for political gain.

    Ex-Im is just another small example of how the GOP leadership is pretty much Dem-lite. Good highlighting this though 🙂

    I agree, caring if such people get elected or not, or thinking that it’s somehow “better” or even “different” is still kind of a useless exercise.

    1. Too many of the NCGOP congressional delegation talk conservative and then cut decidedly un-conservative deals while arranging for show votes that make them look conservative after they quietly OKed an ugly bill by a procedural vote. Sad part is, a lot of their base isn’t paying attention and actually believe those “most conservative” or “second most conservative” NC Representative labels.

  2. At the recent RNC meeting a resolution to support the dissolution of the Export Import Bank was put forth. It was narrowly defeated. Did Priebus lobby to defeat this resolution? Did the NC delegates support it? Isn’t a fund for corporate welfare like this in opposition to the party principles of free markets? I just saw Priebus speak in TX and questions were not allowed. Be sure to ask your state delegates how they voted and hold their feet to the fire.

    1. Yes, we do need to know how are NCGOP representatives on the RNC, which are the state chairman, the National Committeeman, and the National Committeewoman voted. The chairman comes up for election in 2015 and the other two in 2016.

      Also of great concern, I understand that the effort by the state chairman of Missouri to get an RNC investigation of the shananigans in the Mississippi primary got nowhere. I do not know if there was a formal vote, but the grassroots needs to know what happened, and if there was a vote, how our representatives voted.

  3. There are two parties: the Rs: Reprehensible
    the Ds: Disgusting

    Both parties are headed toward socialism with the Rs going at a slightly slower speed, but the destination is the same.

    When those within the GOP actually support the stated platform of the party they are vilified and marginalized. When those who see evil speak up they are attacked.

    The GOP uses the grassroots at election time and then ignores us the rest of the time. Until we say “ENOUGH” we will continue to get more of the same. Why are we expected to UNITE with evil for a win? What did we WIN? Absolutely nothing.’

    The country did not get here by the Democrats alone. They had lots of help, starting years ago with the likes of Teddy Roosevelt who started pushing the elite version.

    Until someone can show me how the GOP has ever slowed down the growth of government, I will continue to stand by MY principles–the principles of the Constitution, liberty and limited government–over the idea of party and factions.

    1. There are some opportunists in the GOP who are giving it a bad name, particularly some opportunists in high positions in the party. There are, however, many party activists and a fair number of leaders who are principled conservatives. What is needed is help to get the latter to push the former to the sidelines before it is too late for the party and the country.

      I think what happened in the MIssissippi Senate primary has opened a lot of eyes to just how bad some of these opportunists are, and that they very badly need to be replaced. Those opportunists seem to think that conservatives in their own party are bigger enemies than the Democrats. If they treat us that way, why should we treat them any different? The :RNC had a chance to take some corrective action on Mississippi and wimped out.

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