Red Wolf tracking poll: Trump HOLDING NC lead

We gave you the earlier polling from Red Wolf Public Sector already.  They’ve followed up on that polling with some tracking of the numbers.  Here is what their follow up (375 likely voters, MOE=+-4.9%) looks like: poll-results4

  • President:  Trump 49.6%, Clinton 43.7%  [ 51-42 spread in favor of Trump in yesterday’s poll (+-5.9% moe) ]
  • Governor:  McCrory 49.3%, Cooper 46.1% (inside the margin of error) [52-48 McCrory in yesterday’s poll]
  • US Senate:  Burr 48.0%, Ross 43.2% (just inside the margin of error) [51-42 Burr in yesterday’s poll]
  • Lt. Governor:  Forest 50.9%, Coleman 43.2%  [53-42 Forest in yesterday’s poll]
  • Attorney General: Stein, 49.3%, Newton 45.3%  (inside the margin of error) [48-47 Newton in yesterday’s poll]
  • Secretary of State: Marshall 48.5%, Lapaglia 44.8% (inside the margin of error) [48-47 Marshall in yesterday’s poll]
  • Treasurer: Folwell 49.1%, Blue 44.3% (just inside the margin of error)  [ 52-43 Folwell in yesterday’s ‘poll]


6 thoughts on “Red Wolf tracking poll: Trump HOLDING NC lead

  1. Looks like they improved their MOE ever so slightly. Still not sure I think much of this poll. Sure hope they’re right about Folwell, though.

  2. I still can’t see Trump winning North Carolina. The national GOP establishment has severely damaged him, primarily by cutting off his donors allowing Hillary to significantly outspend him. Additionally, Obama is in the state virtually every other day holding mass rallies at the black colleges to gin up the black vote. There are no surrogates coming in for Trump; he is carrying the conservative message all by himself. The Bush and Romney political operatives want him to lose. Burr and McCrory are very weak and have no strong grassroots appeal of their own to offer Trump. The state party is weak. The conservative base is fed up with RINO appointments by McCrory and the legislature. Even the GOP-controlled state elections board is a mess. To his credit, Trump has brought some much-needed enthusiasm to the state, but it will not be enough to overcome the sad state of the GOP status quo in NC. Sorry, but these are the facts.

  3. Lots of Republicans have stopped providing Donations to the National Republican Party. I stopped 4 years ago after Karl Rowe put national funds to support a candidate running against Rep. Walter Jones. I support Candidate give donations to Candidate I believeis best.

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