Playing the race card, activating that white guilt

Folks, we’re being treated to something in the GOP primary for governor that we normally have to rely on the Democrats for.

The alleged frontrunner in the primary wants to be sure you KNOW that he happens to be black. 

Check out these graphics from some recent campaign donation solicitations on social media.

Freed from the plantation, eh?  I guess this makes it more than ironic that he and the missus are making six figures a year passing out welfare benefits. 


If those aren’t sufficiently tear-jerking and guilt-evoking, here’s one more:

True.  He IS the only black person in the GOP race for governor.  But WHY should this matter?  Most of us on the right have bought into MLK’s “content of character and not the color of skin” argument.  Accomplishments, competence and vision are the things most reasonable people tend to look for in choosing a candidate for an important job.

Being black is about the only category where Robinson stands head and shoulders above his opponents.  

Bill Graham worked in a textile mill before putting himself through school and building a successful law practice.  As a youngster, Dale Folwell rode a trash truck to help support his mother and siblings.  He worked as a motorcycle mechanic as he put himself through school.  Folwell built a successful career for himself in finance before venturing into public service as a bona-fide problem solver.

Outside of getting elected lieutenant governor and making a speech or two, Robinson can’t even hold a candle to these two.  He’s left a long trail of bad debts and former friends with knives in their backs.  He’s talked a big game on cable TV shows and in front of crowds at mostly out-of-state conservative gatherings, but has kept his mouth shut and stayed out of the way of Roy Cooper, Phil Berger and Tim Moore in Raleigh.

What is Mark Robinson‘s vision for this state? What are his ideas?  He’s already told us he’s no good at math, and that anyone who has him manage money is going to end up in jail. 

We don’t owe Mark Robinson anything.  (It sounds like he still owes a lot of other people, though.)

Enough with the pity party.  Robinson sounds not much better than the DEI goons across the aisle. This isn’t American Idol. This is serious business. 

Tell us what you’ve accomplished. Tell us what more you want to accomplish.  Or admit you’re in over your head and step out of the way to make way for more accomplished, more competent candidates.