Expanding Medicaid? If you voted FOR that, Civitas says you are an A-rated conservative.

Medicaid is one of the Crown Jewels of the socialist revolution in America.  As it is, the program is a HUGE factor in the economic decline in this country. The Medicaid program is riddled with fraud. Our country is already running on Monopoly money. We can’t afford what our federal government is trying to pay for NOW.  (The Medicaid spigot has been opened up full-blast for all of these illegals pouring across the border.) 

In passing Medicaid expansion, Raleigh’s “Republican revolution” has chosen to side with the hospital lobby and forsake their voters and the future of this state and country.  Instead of acting on actual conservative solutions to cut health care costs — like killing off certificates of need or scaling back regulation — Raleigh Republicans chose to throw even more money-we-don’t-have at the bloated, money-wasting mess that is our health care industry.

Expanding Medicaid is not, has not been, and will never be a sensible, conservative tactic. Yet, Raleigh-based Civitas — founded as a juggernaut to defend the principle of limited government and call out RINOs — is finding itself more and more (especially under the leadership of field generals Dallas Woodhouse and Don Bryson) doing gymnastics to defend and cover for RINOs and their “leaders” in the General Assembly.

At one time, Civitas’s legislative conservative ratings were helpful resources.  They shone a lot of light  on the sliminess of Jones Street.  Now, the ratings are a tool for brown-nosing incumbents and leaders on Jones Street and deceiving the taxpayers.

The 2023 legislative ratings are out.  Twenty-three of the 73 House Republicans get a perfect score of 100 (grade A).   Those folks did not vote to expand Medicaid. 

Forty-two House Republicans scored ratings between 92 and 94 (also an A-rating)from Civitas.  What kept them from achieving a perfect score?  They voted to EXPAND MEDICAID.

So, 65 of 73 House Republicans — according to Civitas — are A-rated conservatives.  Wow. That’s great reelection campaign material.

Over in the Senate, things were even more ridiculous.  Twenty-nine out of 30 Republicans got grades of A.

Only six Senate Republicans got perfect scores of 100. (They did not vote for Medicaid expansion.)

Twenty-one Senate Republicans scored a 90 or 91 (also a grade of A). What kept them from a perfect score of 100?  They voted FOR the expansion of Medicaid.

The problem?  Folks who voted to dramatically expand government and spend even-more-money-we-don’t-have are getting lumped in with folks who voted in line with their party platform.  Big-spending Republicans are getting the same benefit – an A rating – that good conservatives are. 

Don’t be fooled folks. Do your homework and ask questions before you vote.