Pittenger aide: Senator Ted Cruz is “a joke” with “empty words” and “shallow promises”




Erin Karriker professes to be quite a good Republican.  He was active with the UNCC College Republicans.  According to his LinkedIn profile, he was an operative with Robert Pittenger’s 2012 congressional campaign, and currently works on Pittenger’s congressional staff.

With that kind of background, it makes it especially troubling to see young Erin aggressively attacking Texas U.S. Senator — and conservative champion — Ted Cruz:


O-KAY.  So, Cruz is a “joke” and an “instigator” with “empty words” and “shallow promises.”  Is that kind of like popping off all over the place that there is no way in hell you are going to vote to defund ObamaCare via the CR, then voting to do it and acting like you were for it all along?  Someone who would do THAT sounds like a bigger joke to me.