Pittenger aide: Senator Ted Cruz is “a joke” with “empty words” and “shallow promises”




Erin Karriker professes to be quite a good Republican.  He was active with the UNCC College Republicans.  According to his LinkedIn profile, he was an operative with Robert Pittenger’s 2012 congressional campaign, and currently works on Pittenger’s congressional staff.

With that kind of background, it makes it especially troubling to see young Erin aggressively attacking Texas U.S. Senator — and conservative champion — Ted Cruz:


O-KAY.  So, Cruz is a “joke” and an “instigator” with “empty words” and “shallow promises.”  Is that kind of like popping off all over the place that there is no way in hell you are going to vote to defund ObamaCare via the CR, then voting to do it and acting like you were for it all along?  Someone who would do THAT sounds like a bigger joke to me.


10 thoughts on “Pittenger aide: Senator Ted Cruz is “a joke” with “empty words” and “shallow promises”

    1. Big City Republicans are classic RINO’s!
      I lived in Manhattan for ten years and worked with “Republicans” at The Metropolitan Republican Club on the upper east side and they have no understanding of the value of the Rule of Law and the Constitution!

  1. In spite of overwhelming odds in their favor, I do believe that the GOP is going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory …again.

  2. Once again the GOP shows so many of its followers are wolves in sheep clothing. I would be willing to bet many of my friends could beat these people like a drum when it comes to understanding our framers and the Constitution.

    They may say they support the Constitution; their actions belie what they say. They say they stand for liberty and limited government, but when in charge they weaken our freedom and increase the size of government. While running they promise to be frugal with OUR money, but once elected they use their position to line their own pockets and wield their borrowed power to further erode the enumerated powers.

    As citizens we MUST start listening with our eyes instead of our ears. And we must hold our elected officials accountable.

    1. this guy/girl is a screw-up,he should keep his mouth shut.Nobody voted for him.he should go to Texas and run that mouth.

  3. This guy is a joke, nobody should take anything he says seriously. I’ve met him and various other Pittenger operatives quite a few times at GOP events. They talk down to people with the dismissive attitude of a beltway insider. In reality, they’re little more than blind party cheerleaders looking for the richest establishment politician to suck up to in hopes of landing a job on capital hill, which worked for him this last time around. Guys like him have no principles… I remember him talking to a group about his time “working” for Bush Jr. like he’s some kind of good conservative to be proud of, it would almost be humorous if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  4. During the 2012 campaign I talked to Tea Party groups who said Robert Pittenger and his staff went out of the way to avoid all Tea Party events. Pittenger has never been conservative. He used his State Senate seat to make millions of dollars off taxpayers on land deals. Now he supports amnesty for illegals and was for funding ObamaCare before he was against it. The only thing conservative about Pittenger was his campaign literature.

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