Our very own Senator Sock Puppet keeps marching along to Chuck Schumer’s orders


U.S. Senator Kay Hagan — also affectionately known in these parts as “Chuck Schumer’s sock puppet” — was in The Charlotte Observer groaning and moaning about “The War on Women.”

Hagan owes her very existence in the Senate to New York’s senior senator, so she frequently carries his water.  Schumer has declared that there IS a war on women out there, so Hagan has been dispatched to flyover country to parrot her master’s spin.

This whole pay disparity argument goes back to the late 60s.  Feminists like to use average salaries to make their point.  But their numbers don’t take into account that A LOT of women jump into the workforce later in life than men do.  A lot of women leave the workforce to have children and care for them — sometimes returning to work later.

Hagan sure isn’t mentioning the recent study showing that quite a few Democrat Members of Congress pay their female staffers less than male staffers. 

Democrats cannot hang their hat on anything positive from the last four years.  So, they have to rile up their base with talk about racism, sexism, discrimination, etc.

If Congress passed this horrible bill Hagan and her boss Chuck Schumer are promoting, it would be a nightmare for small businesses and a boon for trial lawyers.