Dalton v. McCrory: The ETHICS election?



The Democrat campaign machine has been utilizing Joseph Goebbels’ ‘Big lie’ strategy — repeating something over and over until people accept it as fact — against Republican  Pat McCrory.


 Too close to lobbyists.  In Bed with corporations.  Corporate Jets.  Who Pays  Pat?  

The steno pool in The N&O newsroom breathlessly reports every word spit out by the Democrat operatives.  I guess we’re done with the “culture” at NC Democrat Party HQ in Raleigh, which was apparently so bawdy that it led to the resignation of a top female staffer and gay sex harrassment allegations.

 I guess the steno pool is ALSO not interested in the fact that Dalton’s daughter has been lobbying the state legislature while her daddy was serving in – and presiding over — the Senate. 

The steno pool has been giving us blow-by-blow coverage of the lobbyist-love scandal within House Speaker Thom Tillis’s office.   The House Ethics committee has passed on the case, but the state Ethics Commission is taking up a probe of the lobbyists involved in the scandal.

The state’s economy is in the tank.  But the media is helping the Dems change the subject.  NCGOP HQ and the McCrory campaign are helping out by staying pretty much silent — occasionally whining about “negative campaigning.”

The statewide GOP campaign is in big trouble if we’re going to spend the next five months talking about the sex lives of Thom Tillis aides and the details of Pat McCrory’s employment.  The Democrats apparently know that, and are fine with it.

It’s time to haul out the big guns — get the debate back to where it needs to be.  There are more media sources than The N&O and The Char-O.  Find them and talk to them.  It’s time to PLAY HARD, or GO HOME.