ONLY TWO U.S. senators willing to stand and fight against Planned Parenthood funding? (None named Tillis or Burr.)

This is hard to believe.  Especially after we all saw those horrid baby-parts-peddling videos exposing Planned Parenthood for what it really is.   The following letter was sent to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell: thom-smoking

The Honorable Mitch McConnell
Majority Leader, U.S. Senate
Capitol Building
Washington D.C. 20004

In light of recent and horrific revelations that Planned Parenthood is trafficking in fetal tissue and body parts from abortions, we urge you not to schedule or facilitate the consideration of any legislation that authorizes or appropriates federal dollars for Planned Parenthood.

The callous view that those in the abortion industry, like Planned Parenthood, take toward women and unborn children is an affront to natural rights and human decency. Whether or not one accepts the view of our President that abortions should be legal and widely available at any stage of pregnancy, we should all be able to unite around our President’s stated understanding of the “tradition in this town, historically, of not financing abortions as part of government-funded health care.”

Yet still, Planned Parenthood receives billions of dollars from government sources, and according to its own annual report, abortions accounted for 94 percent of its pregnancy-related services. Community health centers, charities, state health departments and other government entities all provide women’s health services without abortions. These community centers outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities almost 14 to one across the country, offering better access to real health care as opposed to what Planned Parenthood purports to offer.burr

The American people should no longer be forced to fund the abortion industry; therefore we will oppose any government funding legislation that would authorize or provide federal funds for Planned Parenthood.


Now, take a guess at how many members of the REPUBLICAN-CONTROLLED U.S. Senate signed their names to this letter.  Go ahead.

The answer?  TWO.  David Vitter (R) of Louisiana and Ted Cruz (R) of Texas.  (No Thom Tillis or Richard Burr.  No Tim Scott or Lindsey Graham.) 

43 thoughts on “ONLY TWO U.S. senators willing to stand and fight against Planned Parenthood funding? (None named Tillis or Burr.)

    1. One does not get ”real” information from biased leftwing sources like ”Politifact” (which is a branch of one of the most leftwing newspapers in America, the Tampa Bay Times), ”” or Snopes, any more than they would ThinkProgress or the Daily Kos. They all have the same ultra leftwing political bias and spin.

      These leftwing ”fact checkers” spin and lie for ideological reasons all the time. A good example is that all of them called Obama’s lie of the century about ”keeping your doctor” as ”true” at the time he said it and throughout the political campaign period when it mattered.

      A very recent example is the Washington Post’s ”fact checkers” giving Trump ”five Pinochios” for his statement that Muslims in Jersey City, NJ were celebrating on 9/11. That fact appeared in a Washington Post news story at the time it happened. Are these idiot ”fact checkers” saying their own newspaper was lying?

      More and more voters are waking up to the fact that the ”fact checking” industry is not objective and not honest.

      1. I see that you don’t have any facts to contribute on the subject so you just try to denigrate what I have provided. Not surprised.

        1. The facts are you are using a bogus and highly biased left wing source to dispute Brant’s commentary. Politifact should be called PolitFiction or PolitiFraud.

          1. You are using a source who are as politically biased as the day is long and are L-I-A-R-S. Your source is simply NOT credible.

          2. I certainly disagree with your assessment of my source and apparently, you don’t have any source to back up your statements. There are clear cut statements in my source which, if you had a leg to stand on in this, you would easily point to better information.

        2. We all know that politifraud is just that, a speaking of fraud bogus entity! Only leftwing nut jobs believe such trash as they spew!
          As for facts, you posted No facts whatsoever so who are you to talk? You need to go back to sucking obumbler’s butt!

        3. JBP Here you go. PP’s president claim abortions are less than 3% of the services they offer. So in other words over 95% percent of PP’s function is preventive care, information, and screenings.

          As you are aware the affordable healthcare act or OBAMACARE already uses a staggering amount of our tax dollars, not to mention millions of our families monthly insurance premiums, to provide EVERY American exactly the same ‘services’ of planned parenthood (less of course that 3% or 390,000+ abortion service every year.)

          So unless I am dead wrong or you simply wish to disagree with facts ObamaCare is the current rule of law for healthcare services -meaning it is the be all end all – NO CHOICE no opting out. Americans and illegals both are provided health care under the penalty of the law.

          So please explain why is PP shown preferential treatment in the eyes of our elected officials? Why are tax dollars wasted in a duplication of resources? Why if PP is such a great provider were they not made part of ObamaCare so they could collect insurance dollars for their screening and preventive care?

          I believe PP can continue to operate without Americans tax dollars. It is time all their supporters to step up and donate for their beliefs.

      2. Yep. It’s like citing Pravda or Izvestia (or the NYT or WaPO) for objective news on communist aggression during the cold war (or today for that matter).

    2. It’s simple NO GOVERNMENT MONEY should go to any provider that performs abortions.
      The government money could then go to other providers that would do the preventive care

      1. I see. Make it harder for women in many areas where Planned Parenthood is the only good option for comprehensive/preventative care. Consistent with the Conservative war on women.

        1. So you think the consciences AND the wallets of taxpayers should be violated to fund this ghoulish organization. And what areas, pray tell, have no regular OB/GYN available?

        2. We all know that politifraud is just that, a speaking of fraud bogus entity! Only leftwing nut jobs believe such trash as they spew!
          As for facts, you posted No facts whatsoever so who are you to talk? You need to go back to sucking obumbler’s butt!

          What war on women? The one where you leftwing nut jobs go in and rip babies out of their mothers womb? That war on women? You belong to the murdering for profit immoral blight on America group! Now back to obumbler’s butt with you or it is chillarys turn? Anyway you go, you are smothered in shit.

        3. Government Money Should Pay For Health Care Only! Americans should not have to pay for a Woman Who wants to be Entertained by mulitpul Men !! Have Abbortions and expect someone else to pay for there Entertainment!!

        4. First of all, there is NO war on women by any conservative group. The war on women is a false narrative brainwashed into the mind of liberals or other persons who listen to the lies. How can you say Planned Parenthood and Comprehensive/preventable care in the same sentence? Any organization that performs abortions is NOT for the good health and welfare of the patient. Abortion is murder, pure and simple!

      2. You are SO RIGHT, Patrick !!! There are plenty of other options for women to get care. It does not have to be from a murdering institution !! There is no ” war pn women”. The war is on the unborn !! We must defend the defenseless & innocent.

      3. Patrick, you are totally correct. But your common sense
        is wasted on the woman who demand the right to kill
        their babies. So very tragic indeed. All these lost lives and
        now our government demands tax payers pay for this —
        disgusting and immoral to put it mildly.

    3. Liberals always cite other liberals as source material for their BS. Politifact, really? What the problem, Media Matters and Democratic Underground too right-wing?

    4. JPB so its OK since its only the 10% to 15% that sells body parts when we have enough places to get the other 85% to 90% of care. You are a murderer of babies with your thinking!!!!!!! You must be a Liberal/Marxist or this is Obamination the Not Black Illegal Sunni Muslim who loves murdering babies all over the world. Vietnam Vet

    5. What a profoundly ignorant assertion to make. This is a truly excellent demonstration of cognitive corruption by “instructors and mentors” from a very early age which has been sustained in a vacuum without danger of legitimate evaluation. It demonstrates conviction which has been dutifully reinforced without a lick of honest evaluation for the life of this cognitively corrupt individual. Why would an intelligent life form care if free “healthcare was dolled out to the entire world if even one child has to endure being tortured and dismembered at the hands of these admitted human butchers? If this individual made an honest apples to apples comparison of say….animal slaughter and baby slaughter, or even tree slaughter for that matter, much would actually be revealed about the twisted agenda driven process of “evaluation” which permeates this victimized mind. As it is, there is a built in horror of the possibility that this will ever occur so an honest evaluation, free of mindless prejudice. will dutifully be avoided at any cost.

    6. NO mammograms are give by planned parent hood at most of their clinics. Their primary business is killing living breathing babies. I do not want my tax dollars to support that nor the ISIS. Both murder indiscriminately.

    7. If they were so good at “preventative care,” they wouldn’t have needed to perform over 300,000 abortions last year.

  1. A lost cause. Planned Parenthood is here to stay. The reasonable Republicans realize that it is senseless fighting a lost cause. Just like same-sex marriage.

    1. well at least same sex couples will never need abortions and they should be on the front-line getting the government to stop wasting their tax-dollars to pay for abortions for straight people

    2. “Reasonable colonists” in the 1770s would have us still a part of the British empire. You overlook that as science shows that that “bundle of cells” headed for the trash bag (or converted to cash for the butcher’s wallet) is actually a person, abortion is becoming less, rather than more, popular with the public.

    3. Fine, Planned Parenthood should remain, and I am a conservative– it just should NEVER be funded by government. Let it be a charity and people can donate and fund it at will. Abortion is legal, like it or not so let those who support abortion fund Planned Parenthood.

  2. Why is anyone surprised? During the election, our senators are pro-life and pro-lifers work hard to get them elected. After the election, they forget who you are or what you did. Perhaps this will be the year pro-lifers won’t fall for this charade. Or maybe not.

  3. I beg to differ withJBP. My own daughter called them in 2011 for a pregnancy test and they informed her that they would only do the test if she was planning on aborting the fetus. There is alot we do not know about Planned Parenthood.

    1. Look up the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger. She was as racist as they come, and her organization was designed around racist principles. I find it humorous that today’s far left is so devoted to an organization whose history is steeped in racism.

      1. The rebel flag is the target today.No accounting for stupidity from people that have no jobs, complain how they are treated and find time, the money and transportation to demonstrate hundreds of miles from home. Don’t get punished for looting and destroying property, but a part of this countries history is offense.

  4. Simple: if you don’t like abortion, don’t have one … but don’t make taxpayers pay for your choice.

    All PP employees should be berated and ridiculed in public daily for their nasty work.

    Keep abortions legally attainable for ALL democrackkks! (theoretically abortion should thin out the ‘crackkks greatly in time – that is the goal – NO MORE CRIMINAL DEMOCRAKKKS ever born!)

  5. Liberals also believe in Evolution versus Creation. Evolution was proposed by a sexist racist whose paper Origin of species was subtitled , the preservation of favored races in the struggle of life. Darwin stated that black and indigenous people were inferior and that women’s intellect is inferior to that of men. Liberals must lie because everything they believe in is a lie.

  6. Every time I read comments about the approval of some so-called Americans that support snuffing out the unborn, I feel aghast anew. We are the home of the brave and the land of the free. Sister Liberty even says, “Bring your… suffering. . .” We believe in and stand for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness! But some do not believe the most innocent of all as deserving of that.
    I don’t believe America can stay a great nation should this slaughter continue. How can God continue to bless a nation whose hands are dripping with blood of innocents. In fact, I, and many others, are seeing signs of decay. That is MOST PROMINENT in our government today, more than in the American people.
    Many women seek abortion for fear of stigma, or because they can’t afford another child, or because they goofed up, maybe the birth-control failed, or they are addicted pleasure-seekers that can’t control their desires, or for many other (and perhaps some are justified) reasons.
    Our government is pursuing a deliberate, cold-blooded path to change the very meaning of America’s existence. This is a sad day we live in indeed.

  7. “Simple: if you don’t like abortion, don’t have one … but don’t make taxpayers pay for your choice.”
    If the Nazi doctors in WWII had been doing the very same thing that Planned Parenthood is doing today, they would have been tried at Nuremburg as war criminals, and hung! (Some were, but Dr. Joseph Mengele got away).
    Have we become so desensitized that we brush off the horrific videos of these butchers laughing and joking about the price of aborted baby parts? Apparently so.
    But the federal government has no business funding them!

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