Obama’s Gun Grab

The,um, “opposition” has pretty much rolled over and played dead in response to Barry Obama.  They stood by and watched while he decimated obama-fingerour health care system and our economy.  They’ve stood by and watched while he decimated a lot of the gains made in the war on terror. Now, he’s made a move — of questionable legality — to water down rights specifically spelled out in The Constitution.  WHO is going to stand up for us on this one?

Yes, fellow patriots, Barack Hussein Obama — mmm, mmm, mmm — has used his pen Putin, Chavez, Castro and Stalin-style to water down our freedoms. In particular, our 2nd and 4th amendment freedoms.  

The feds gave us a sweet little gift some years back called HIPPA — which basically guarantees that the most intimate details of your relationship with your doctor(s) remain private.  Now, thanks to Barry and his pen that is changing: 

[…] Delivering on its promise to deliver “common sense” gun control, the Obama administration on Monday finalized a rule that enables health care providers to report the names of mentally ill patients to an FBI firearms background check system.

The action was one of a series of steps that President Barack Obama had called for in January 2013 in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., shootings to curb gun violence, but the rule was not published until today.

While the 1993 Brady law prohibits gun ownership by individuals who have been involuntarily committed, found incompetent to stand trial or otherwise deemed by a court to be a danger to themselves or others, federal health care privacy rules prohibited doctors and other providers from sharing information without the consent of their patients.

Under the rule, which takes effect next month, for the first time health providers can disclose the information to the background check system without legal repercussions.[…] 

What defines “mentally ill”? (Some say you qualify if you voted for Obama and now support Bernie Sanders.)  

finga If you take Xanax or Zoloft in the wake of a personal tragedy / family or loved one’s death, or some other tough time in life?  THAT is going to knock out a huge chunk of the American population. What happens to our allegedly federally protected right to medical privacy?  Do our psychiatric counseling sessions end up in a database accessible by the clerk at the gun counter in Wal-Mart? 

Also, you are basically asking doctors to “profile”’ their patients.  That’s right — the same practice you condemn law enforcement officers for reportedly practicing.  (All Muslims aren’t terrorists.  But EVERYONE who sees a psychiatrist needs to be banned from owning or purchasing a gun.)  There are likely quite a few people in America, with some form of mental illneswars, who never run afoul of the law or hurt anyone.  At what point is someone SO MENTAL that they should be reported to the FBI and sacrifice their 2nd amendment rights? Remember, we’re talking about people who have not necessarily had any interaction with the criminal justice system. 

Think back to Janet Napolitano’s efforts at Homeland Security to encourage law enforcement to target Tea Partiers and other conservative activists as potential threats to security.  How much of a reach would it be for the bureaucrats to adapt that thinking to include Tea Partiers, et. al, in this gun ban executive action? 

This is not just partisanship. We have someone behaving like a dictator.  With the swipe of his pen, without the advice and consent of our elected representatives, he is placing limits on our constitutional freedoms.

The GOP has given a lot of lip service to resistance to Obama since 2010. If this doesn’t motivate them to stand up to him, we need to take action in March and November to replace them with folks who will listen to us.  Enough is enough.



15 thoughts on “Obama’s Gun Grab

  1. I have a feeling the RINO establishment will do absolutely nothing but pen a few letters and hold a hearing or 2. I am assuming Thom is all for it since he has not even bothered to release a statement. Since it is an election year Burr released a statement denouncing it but failed to mention any solution to stop it, such as the power of the purse. I am sure it will go the same way Obama Care did where the courts will rule in Obama’s favor. Unfortunately this is what happens when you elect RINOS.

    1. It’s very simple — if we lose our freedom “to keep and bear Arms,” we’ll lose ALL our freedoms.

      You’re right, Brant, ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Instead of issuing meekly-worded, meaningless “statements” carefully written so as to not be deemed “racist,” the Republicans in Congress should be screaming bloody murder over Obama’s methodical destruction of the Constitution, our freedom, and our nation.

      North Carolinians and Americans everywhere have got to send FIGHTERS to DC to confront our domestic enemies. I’m ready to go to the U.S. Senate to fight that fight!

      Larry Holmquist

    2. The chairman of the congressional committee that deals most directly with this issue has talked publicly about using the power of the purse to stop Obama’s gun grab, but that limp wristed sellout Paul Ryan is saying we have to wait until we get a Republican president! What a betrayal! What a despicable suckweasel! Paul Ryan is nothing but John Boehner 2.0. We have to elect Republicans who will ditch him as leader. We also need to elect a Senator who will vote to dump limp wristed sell out suckweasel Mitch McConnell as Senate leader, to replace McConnell brownnoser Richard Burr.

      1. Voting AGAINST McConnell as Senate Majority Leader is the first vote I’ll cast as North Carolina’s next U.S. Senator.

        He is a weasel, and a traitor to boot!

        Larry Holmquist

  2. Fire Burr in 70 days. Replace with a constitutional warrior who won’t vote for Mitch McConnell, and who WILL support President Cruz.

  3. Vote Mark Otto to replace David Rouzer in NC7! Vote Greg Brannon to replace Burr who voted for cloture on the gun bill and vote Pattie Curran in NC5 as well as Jim Duncan in NC2. All will protect our 2A rights.

    1. Don’t forget Walter Jones in NC3. He has been a solid supporter of the 2nd amendment, and the establishment spent a lot of money to try to replace him with one of their robots last time. They will likely do so again.

  4. Face it with the legislators we have that are more concerned with getting re-elected then protecting our gun rights we are screwed!

  5. The way to change that is to take lots of Obama Republican scalps in the primaries. Make these traitors realize that the way to NOT get renominated is to be part of the Surrender Caucus.

  6. Well, it’s no secret that the Petulant Man Child Obama has been against the personal ownership of firearms from the get go.
    “I don’t believe people should be able to own guns” was one of Hussein’s famous quotes, when he was at U Chicago Law School.
    His CNN “Town Hall” was an unmitigated disaster, and even CNN’s Anderson Cooper couldn’t believe The Unqualified Idiot’s talking points!
    In a rare moment of coherence, Obo The Clown even admitted that NONE of his proposals would have stopped the latest “shooting” tragedies.
    But (of course) that’s not the point. It’s just Dictator Hussein’s foot in the door.
    And, if we’re stupid enough to elect The Hildabeast, we’ll get “Obama on steroids”!

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