Now, about those judges ….

judgeWe’ve got some big races coming up for the state Supreme Court.  Lefties, locked out of the legislature and the governor’s office, see the court races as their best hope to negate and neutralize Republican political and legislative gains.  This year’s vote gives fans of limited government a chance to solidify their defenses against a lefty comeback and slow the advance of big government.


Democrat Sarah Parker is being forced in to retirement thanks to an age limit for justices written into state law.  Republican justice Mark Martin is attempting to replace her this year.  Brunswick County Superior Court judge Ola Lewis (R) has thrown a monkey wrench into that plan by switching from challenging Democrat Cheri Beasley’s reelection to running against Martin for chief justice. (Martin had helped Lewis raise money for her challenge to Beasley.  Now, the money he helped raise for Lewis could be used against him in this campaign.  A lot of Republican leaders are not pleased.) 

Mark Martin is the name of a great NASCAR driver.  It’s also the name of an excellent choice for Chief Justice of The North Carolina Supreme Court. Vote FOR Martin. 


Incumbent justice Robin Hudson is going up against two Republican challengers on the May ballot —  Raleigh attorney Jeanette Doran and Charlotte judge Eric Levinson.  Voters will pick two candidates to move on to the November ballot.  A victory by Doran and Levinson in May will guarantee that a Democrat incumbent on the court will be replaced by a Republican-leaner.

I am most familiar with Doran and her prior work with The North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law. You can read up on a lot of her views and past work HERE.    Most of her work I’ve seen takes a constitutionalist, liberty-minded view of how government ought to work.

In May,  make your TWO CHOICES in this particular race DORAN and LEVINSON.

Voters will also be selecting a candidate to fill the seat being vacated by justice Martin, who is aiming at the chief justice post.  NC Appeals Court judge Sam Ervin — a Democrat who lost to Paul Newby two years ago — is facing off against fellow Appeals Court judge and Republican Robert Hunter.   We recommend Hunter in this race.  

Bev Perdue appointee Cheri Beasley is also facing the voters this year.  Mike Robinson, a civil litigator and Republican from Winston-Salem, is challenging her.  We recommend a vote FOR Robinson in this race.