Rand & Orwell looking prophetic: Dare to Question Authority, and Big Govt Lashes Out

rtrtDinesh D’Souza produced a great documentary about the life of Barry Obama.  For doing the work the drive-by media should have done in 2008, D’Souza got hit with public leaks about his marital troubles and a federal indictment.

At this site, we’ve ruffled our fair share of high-placed feathers in politics and state government.  And mighty conveniently, we find ourselves on the receiving end of an inordinate amount of attention from at least two state agencies.  (More on this later.)

 Nevadan Cliven Bundy stood up for his personal property rights against armored federal government stormtroopers, and gets slandered by the New York Times with a heavily edited videotape.       Apparently, use of the word ‘negro’ trumps the fact that this man and his family got terrorized and had their cattle killed by machine-gun toting federal government employees.  

The entire drive-by community ran like hell with The Times’ hit piece.  Republican politicians went into self-preservation mode, condemning Mr. Bundy based on the word of The freakin’ New York Times, of all things. The full, unedited tape of Bundy’s comments is making its way around cyberspace.    It’s a shame that our Fourth State has declined from the greatness intended by our Founding Fathers, nurtured by great Revolutionary-era pamphleteers like Thomas Paine,  to shameful crap like this.

21WIRE-08-BLM-Bundy-April-12-14-GMN-CopyrightGroundbreaking works by authors George Orwell (1984) and Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged) prophesized about government getting so big that it transitions from serving the people to intimidating, terrorizing and controlling them.  You have these people granted with great power, who let it go to their heads.  If you dare to question them — show them to be wrong in any way — you’re not getting thanked for pointing it out.  You’re going to be made an example of — for not being a good sheep, a well-mannered member of the flock.

Keep speaking out.  The bureaucrats and other statists will not be happy. There will be attempts to shut you up and shut you down, but don’t fall for it.  Speaking up and speaking out has helped jump-start an awful lot of change throughout the history of this country and the world.

We’re not going anywhere.  I’m not shutting up.  And neither should you.  As you head to the ballot box this month, let’s send a reminder to these people about JUST WHO IS IN CHARGE.