N&O, McClatchy misrepresent Medicaid expansion fight. (Um, *Surprise*?????)

drive_by_media1Thom Tillis’ switch on Medicaid for poor draws fire

Yep.  That’s the hysterical headline that Low-T HQ hit us with this AM.  *Poor Thom.  He’s taking heat from his evil GOP cohorts for actually trying to take care of the poor.*

Some of you may be confusing MediCAID (benefits for the poor) with MediCARE (what your parents and grandparents get when they retire).

The General Assembly blocked expansion of Medicaid as a way of slowing down implementation of ObamaCare.  ObamaCare utilizes Medicaid expansion as a method for gradually getting EVERYONE off of private insurance and locked into long-term dependence on the government.

Even Democrat state auditor Beth Wood admits that Medicaid is rife with fraud and abuse.   North Carolina’s Medicaid offers one of the most generous benefit packages in the country — far surpassing the requirements laid out by the federal government.  The state is struggling to pay for Medicaid as it is.  And here we have politicians demanding that we make MORE PEOPLE eligible for this very generous taxpayer-subsidized program. 

Tillis and other sell-out Republicans deserve all the grief in the world for caving-in and accepting ObamaCare.  O-Care is destroying the world’s greatest health care delivery system.  It is doing unprecedented damage to our economy, and threatens the future survival of our nation.  The debate over ObamaCare is about more than winning good press and “getting something done.”  

Hooking more people on government services doesn’t do a damn thing to lift them up out of poverty.  Look at LBJ’s now-50 year old “War on Poverty.”