No guns at the state fair? How about machetes, axes, scissors, steak knives … ?

gun control1Republican state officials Steve Troxler, Pat McCrory and Thom Tillis have all come out against the idea of allowing concealed weapons on the grounds of the North Carolina State Fair.  Never mind that the practice is legal — thanks to recent legislation passed by the General Assembly.

Thom Tillis, the GOP’s US Senate nominee (backed by the NRA, to boot) doubled down: 

[…] “It’s a good, wholesome environment,” Tillis told reporters following his appearance on a TV news program in Raleigh. “We have people like Commissioner Troxler and others who just want to make sure families who are going there, having a great time, showcasing our agricultural industries, feel safe and secure there.” […]

Safe and secure?  How many thugs are likely to commit a gun crime if there is the strong possibility that one or more people in the vicinity may produce a concealed weapon?

gun controlWhy stop at the guns?  There are other things out there creating a sense of danger to the public.   In New York City, a man went after cops with a hatchet.   In Arizona, a man brandishing a machete was shot by police.      In Los Angeles, a woman was stabbed to death in front of her kids over a parking space dispute.  In the Ottawa shooting, the honor guard killed at the Canadian War memorial was armed with an unloaded rifle.   In the parliament building, people made spears out of flag poles to defend themselves against the crazed gunman.

Ever notice how the worst violence happens at gun-free zones or in places with hardcore gun control laws in place?  Government regulations and ‘gun free zones’  disarm the law-abiding people ONLY.  The Ottawa gunman would not have been stopped by a  ‘gun-free zone’ sign.  It didn’t stop the guy who shot up the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. It didn’t stop the guy who shot up that movie theater in Colorado a few years back.