No guns at the state fair? How about machetes, axes, scissors, steak knives … ?

gun control1Republican state officials Steve Troxler, Pat McCrory and Thom Tillis have all come out against the idea of allowing concealed weapons on the grounds of the North Carolina State Fair.  Never mind that the practice is legal — thanks to recent legislation passed by the General Assembly.

Thom Tillis, the GOP’s US Senate nominee (backed by the NRA, to boot) doubled down: 

[…] “It’s a good, wholesome environment,” Tillis told reporters following his appearance on a TV news program in Raleigh. “We have people like Commissioner Troxler and others who just want to make sure families who are going there, having a great time, showcasing our agricultural industries, feel safe and secure there.” […]

Safe and secure?  How many thugs are likely to commit a gun crime if there is the strong possibility that one or more people in the vicinity may produce a concealed weapon?

gun controlWhy stop at the guns?  There are other things out there creating a sense of danger to the public.   In New York City, a man went after cops with a hatchet.   In Arizona, a man brandishing a machete was shot by police.      In Los Angeles, a woman was stabbed to death in front of her kids over a parking space dispute.  In the Ottawa shooting, the honor guard killed at the Canadian War memorial was armed with an unloaded rifle.   In the parliament building, people made spears out of flag poles to defend themselves against the crazed gunman.

Ever notice how the worst violence happens at gun-free zones or in places with hardcore gun control laws in place?  Government regulations and ‘gun free zones’  disarm the law-abiding people ONLY.  The Ottawa gunman would not have been stopped by a  ‘gun-free zone’ sign.  It didn’t stop the guy who shot up the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. It didn’t stop the guy who shot up that movie theater in Colorado a few years back. 

7 thoughts on “No guns at the state fair? How about machetes, axes, scissors, steak knives … ?

  1. “Ever notice how the worst violence happens at gun-free zones or in places with hardcore gun control laws in place? ” Ever been in a war zone??? Apparently not.
    Guns have not ever been allowed at the NC State Fair and I don’t believe that has ever been a problem. Out of habit, I almost ALWAYS carry a pocket knife. When I go to the fair, common sense tells me I need to leave it in the car which I do with no fear. If I had some deficiency that made me feel like less of a man if I did not have my knife, or a gun for that matter, I might feel differently. As it stands, and has for a long time, the gun ban at the State Fair makes perfect sense.

    1. The law was passed to allow it. Troxler is grandstanding and made it an issue.

      It’s the erosion of rights that is the issue. Why pass a law if it gets circumvented? CCW permitees are never the problem. And criminals don’t care about the laws anyway. I know, I know, it’s a tired argument, but still valid.

      I live in the country and there are plenty of gunshots around me day and sometimes night. People have asked me..”Doesn’t that make you uncomfortable?” My answer is NO. It makes me more comfortable. I raised my kids here and so did my neighbors. Most of us are armed and keep a close eye on the neighbors even though we are not very close to each other. I know that nearby Greensboro or Winston Salem or Burlington have gunshots too (maybe less) and yet that is where the crime is. Very rarely in my and my neighbors’ area.

      I can feel the liberals convulsing, but YES I do feel safer knowing CCW are around (and able to protect themselves and maybe me or my family).

      If they really want to do some good at the State Fair, check the ride operators, or the hot dog ingredients.

    2. JBP, yes common sense tells you to do things but there are others that don’t subscribe to that theory. So we must punish the law abiding citizen for the sake of safety from the law abiding citizen. Now what do we do with the person that lacks common sense and isn’t abiding by the law, has a gun and uses it to their advantage against the aforementioned law abiding?

    3. Explain again where leaving a pocket knife in your car is a common sense decision. Does having that knife in your pocket somehow compel you to attack someone once inside? Or is it that you just feel more comfortable relenting to the wishes (not the law) of your masters?
      And, yes, I have been in a war zone. But, where does this non-sequitur enter this discussion?
      Your toady is showing, my friend.

    4. If I had “a deficiency,” I’d carry a gun with a barrel longer than four inches. Take your chances if you like; I choose not to.

  2. No gun control advocates want to address the law – it is LEGAL to carry concealed at the state fair. When we have Republicans including Tillis supporting judicial tyranny this reveals that they have no real respect for the law. Even though “we” have a GOP super majority in the NCGA and a Republican Gov. we have to fight fellow REPUBLICANS for our natural right to self defense.

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