N&O + lefty comrades say Speaker Timmy played ‘chicken’ with ethics

You will get no argument from us when alleging that Tim Moore is, um, ethically-challenged.  We’ve reported at length about his shenanigans against fellow Republicans, his abandonment of the conservative principles that allowed him to become part of the House majority and speaker, and basically putting the House agenda up for sale to the highest bidder at a propensity not seen since Jim Black was shackled and frog-marched off to prison.

Moore’s private business affairs (and income) have expanded exponentially since he became top-dog in the House.  He’s opened up a second law office in Raleigh.  He’s creeping right up to millionaire status based solely on salaries and payments for various “jobs” tied to his position in the House.

The distinguished gentleman from Kings Mountain is being scrutinized by federal and state authorities as we speak.  He’s got some high-dollar lawyers on retainer.

Now comes The N&O with a hit piece alleging Moore aide (and former legislator) Mitch Gillespie intervened in a state DEQ review of some Chatham County property Moore and his business partners were trying to sell to Mountaire Farms — the chicken  processing giant.  Moore and his partners made a substantial profit on the deal.  

It’s an interesting story, but the reporters’ primary source for the story is troubling.  They identify “The Campaign for Accountability” as simply “a Washington, D.C., watchdog group.”   Actually, it’s a cadre of former lawyers for liberal activist groups and opposition research pros from the Obama era.  CfA’s board appears to consist of Democrat / liberal campaign consultants.

Granted, the story looks every bit like a typical sleazy, under-handed self-serving insider sweetheart deal that happens dozens of times a day in our capital city.  A good story based on facts is usable regardless of who gives it to you.

But painting the CfA as simply a “watchdog group” is patently dishonest.    One of the two N&O reporters on the story, Will Doran, is the alleged fact-checker and “truth watchdog” for the paper.  This bit of subterfuge doesn’t do much for his credibility in that role.

But Raleigh Republicans should not dismiss this story overall.  It’s another example of why there should be a lot of concern about Tim Moore.  Granted, he is good at getting the cash to roll in.  But how hard is it to scoop up cash as House speaker?  I’m betting even Jason Saine’s young son could give Speaker Timmy a run for his, um, money in that department. 

IS the cash worth selling your soul, your integrity, and your constituents down the river?

As stories like this keep trickling out, those of us with memories of the 2010 and 2012 platitudes about bringing  transparency and ethics, good and limited government  to Raleigh are learning what a farce those statements truly were.