New grassroots video seeks action on 2012 RNC heavy-handedness




It’s pretty clear that folks across the country — as well as in the Carolinas — are still smarting from the heavy-handed, top-down, DC-centric management of  the 2012 Republican National Convention.  Party rules changes supported by DC and the Romney campaign were rammed through with tactics reminiscent of old Politburo get-togethers during The Cold War.

If you recall, we got some great footage of outgoing NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes doing the bidding of John Boehner and Reince Priebus and  getting all Sgt. Hartmann on the North Carolina delegates to the convention.    (This newest video from some North Carolina grassroots activists incorporates some, um,  *highlights* of that particular episode.) 

In December, at an NCGOP meeting, we got treated to some resolutions — including one opposing the actions by leadership at the 2012 national convention.  But since then, we’ve heard not a peep from North Carolina’s representatives to the RNC — Hayes, state Rep. David Lewis, and Dr. Ada Fisher.

I understand that trio will be headed to an RNC meeting in April.  Will they act on the wishes of party activists and push for a rollback of the 2o12 rules changes?  Or will they fall in line?