New grassroots video seeks action on 2012 RNC heavy-handedness




It’s pretty clear that folks across the country — as well as in the Carolinas — are still smarting from the heavy-handed, top-down, DC-centric management of  the 2012 Republican National Convention.  Party rules changes supported by DC and the Romney campaign were rammed through with tactics reminiscent of old Politburo get-togethers during The Cold War.

If you recall, we got some great footage of outgoing NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes doing the bidding of John Boehner and Reince Priebus and  getting all Sgt. Hartmann on the North Carolina delegates to the convention.    (This newest video from some North Carolina grassroots activists incorporates some, um,  *highlights* of that particular episode.) 

In December, at an NCGOP meeting, we got treated to some resolutions — including one opposing the actions by leadership at the 2012 national convention.  But since then, we’ve heard not a peep from North Carolina’s representatives to the RNC — Hayes, state Rep. David Lewis, and Dr. Ada Fisher.

I understand that trio will be headed to an RNC meeting in April.  Will they act on the wishes of party activists and push for a rollback of the 2o12 rules changes?  Or will they fall in line? 

6 thoughts on “New grassroots video seeks action on 2012 RNC heavy-handedness

  1. Hate to burst the bubble here. But I will hate to see the “grassroots” spike the football on something that was already going to happen. Some of the changes were already set in motion. Some of them just aren’t supported to revert back. I know this is a crazy concept, “the will of the majority” and all…
    And while I have MUCH respect for the ron paul movement, I think it’s borderline offensive for them to claim that they “are the grassroots” and that they are the self described “hardest workers in the party”. Come on guys.

    1. “I will hate to see the “grassroots” spike the football on something that was already going to happen.”

      So, I suppose NC committee members have been the ones opposing the rule changes all along, & the grassroots are just jumping on board of a moving train? No – as I recall it, NONE of the NC committee members were there at the afternoon meeting of the NC delegation in OPPOSITION to the rules the day before they were pushed into passage – the grassroots were the ones standing in opposition, while the NC committee members were helping to get them through, and the grassroots are the ones pushing to have them reversed ever since. The NC committee members have not come out with one single PEEP about whether they will or will not bring a motion before the entire body of the RNC to revert them back to their 08 form. Bringing up a motion has nothing to do with the “will of the majority.” If it’s not the will of the majority of the RNC members, then the motion would obviously be voted down. All we are asking is for them to bring it up before the entire RNC on behalf of the NC delegation. What is the harm in that? If it gets shut down, it gets shut down.

      1. We need to make sure we elect a state chairman who is in tune with the grassroots in North Carolina on this and not a flunky for the DC beltway establishment.

      2. @nikki question on the “will of the majority” looks to me like the video showed 2 majority votes, one at national convention with the NC delegation and one on the convention floor where the nay’s just screamed louder though lesser in number.
        Secondly, this “grassroots” movement has GOT to get away from these obama liberal tactics of screaming loudly and placing the pending outcome on the brink of disaster if it doesnt go your way. we all talk about what the party needs to do… to become the ‘big tent party’ again, to do this or that, but these stunts are only WEAKENING the party FROM WITHIN.
        And i want to be VERY clear about this. It is NOT what is being said that is damaging, it IS THE WAY it is being said that is creating turmoil, strife, and division.

        and @raphael, you have posted this statement in one form or another probably about 56 times. there are only 2 candidates. pope and brosch. which one are you talking about????

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