Welcome to Sign-hurst !

vop logoThere is a growing contingent here in The Golf Capital of The World who believe that Pinehurst village staff and state bureaucrats have gone sign-crazy — cluttering up the landscape in a locale where THE VIEW is a key component of the tourist attraction.  Pinehurst village councilman Mark Parson has helped give that concern a much higher profile.

Pinehurst village council is in the midst of procuring a whole new set of redesigned “gateway” and directional signs for the community.  Parson has put together a rather thoughtful, provocative presentation that suggests the governing body should re-think what has been already been done, sign-wise, before adding even more to the equation.

One of the best examples in Parson’s presentation is at the famous — some say notorious or infamous — Pinehurst Traffic Circle.  Approaching the circle, there is a sign that sets the speed limit at 30 MPH.  Yet, as you take one exit, a sign tells you to reduce your speed.  A matter of feet past that sign is one that sets the speed limit at 35 MPH.  I wasn’t a math major in college, but I could swear going from 30 MPH to 35 MPH is NOT a speed reduction.