Never mind the hordes of leftists rioting in our cities. (Let’s talk about the 50 Klansmen up in the mountains.)

obama-change-charlotte-riots-zFrom Seattle to San Francisco to Chicago to Cleveland to Charlotte, we have hordes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton supporters destroying public and private property, assaulting people, and causing all kinds of mayhem.  Cops are being injured.  States of emergency are being declared.  Other than from Rush Limbaugh, there have been NO calls to have Hillary or Obama condemn their rioting allies.  

Yet, when a couple dozen Klansmen want to have a “parade,” all hell breaks loose among the drivebys.  It’s a national crisis that all Republicans must denounce with all their heart, soul, and inner fiber.  

The Communist Party USA endorses Hillary.  A registered Socialist — with flaming commie tendencies — gave Hillary a run for her money and endorsed her passionately.  David Duke crawls out of the sewers he’s been hiding in for the last two decades and we have a national crisis on our hands that all Republicans must denounce. 

I’m not for tying all activists to the people they support.  There are plenty of kooks out there who go off the deep end for the person or people they idolize.  For instance, you can’t blame Jodie Foster for John Hinckley. (But this needs to be applied even-handedly.)la-trump-protest-photos

Leftists have come unhinged since the presidential election was called on the 8th.  I have a cousin who moved to NYC a few years back to work in the entertainment business.  It didn’t take long for her to ditch her ‘Sweet Carolina Girl’ upbringing for the ways of the upper west side of Manhattan.  She’s been venting hysterically on Facebook for the last several days about her fears of a combo Hitler Youth / KKK revival in America.  I feel sorry for her.  She’s embedded herself among the people peddling this crap fast and furious.

The N&O, which I thought had shredded every last ounce of credibility it had during the campaign, damaged itself further with this screed about the impending resurgence of the KKK in good ol’ NC: 

The election of Donald Trump and the people he is choosing as advisers and cabinet members have brought renewed attention to one fan club that the president-elect has tried to distance himself from: The Ku Klux Klan.

Within 48 hours of the Trump win, the Loyal White Knights of Pelham posted plans on the group’s website for a celebratory parade on Dec. 3, though no time or location has been listed. “Victory Klavalkade Klan Parade Dec. 3rd 2016 North Carolina,” is all the site mentions about the event. “Trump = Trump’s Race United My People.”

Not only did the announcement bring condemnation from across the political spectrum, it raised questions about the state of the Klan in North Carolina, a ba10112016034807_92375966_036316479-1-1000x0ttleground state for the presidential candidates.[…] 

Yeah.  *Somebody puts out a sketchy flier with a real lack of details.  Let’s get that mutha up on the front page !!!*

Never mind that there is ZERO ZERO ZERO evidence linking anyone close to Trump to the KKK.  A few liberals have screeched it.  So, it has to be thrown out there — by the same crowd that expressed horror at McCarthy calling people commies  — to see if it will STICK.

This shrew at The N&O wasn’t done:

[…] Robin Hayes, chairman of the N.C. Republican Party, issued a statement condemning the “extremist ideology and associated actions in the strongest possible terms.”

“These acts and thought processes are no reflection of the heartbeat of this great country and are counter to the efforts to make America great again,” Hayes stated in a release issued three days after the election. “We stand with the Democratic Party in calling these out-of-state troublemakers to go home.”images

But it’s not clear they are from out of state. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks the activities of hate groups around the country, has identified eight KKK groups and two white nationalist groups in North Carolina. 

The number of members the groups have is unclear. […] 

So, if it’s unclear how many members these groups have, how can they honestly be called a THREAT?  Do they have thousands of members who can run through the streets of Charlotte breaking stuff like those Hillary supporters did?  I doubt it. 

Also, nice going giving coverage to the SPLC.  Those are the same d*****bags who labeled The Family Research Council a hate group — inspiring an Obama worshiping freak to go on a shooting spree at the group’s Washington offices.  

[…] The group in Pelham, a crossroads Caswell County community near the Virginia border, is known as “perhaps the most active Klan group in the United States today,” according to the Anti-Defamation League. In a 2015 report on the state of the Klan in the United States, the League wrote of the Pelham group’s “fairly expansive geographical reach.”

“[W]ith just 150-200 members, they were able to draw attention to themselves in 15 different states (mostly in the south and east), typically through fliering, which requires only a single participant,” the report said. […] race and the media, obama cartoons

Not surprising.  It’s important to the drivebys and their leftist political allies to prop up the KKK.  A “resurgent” Klan “justifies” the continuing existence of race pimps like The Round Rev and Jesse Jackson.  It also “justifies” the continued growth and nourishing of the failed welfare state.

libsmoronI am a native southerner.  The only Klansmen I’ve ever seen have been on ‘The Jerry Springer Show.’    I’ve seen more than my fair share of commie radicals vandalizing and burning my country’s cities.    

The Klan is a convenient tool for the left to scare Middle America over to their agenda.  They didn’t seem to mind Senator Robert Byrd’s past Klan membership.  They slandered the late senator Jesse Helms with allegations of Klan ties.  (Never mind that Helms’s longtime chief of staff, Clint Fuller, had a ‘hit’ put out on him by the Klan.  Fuller, as a newspaperman in the 50s and 60s, won awards for publishing photos of the secretive group that ran the Klan in his area.  That investigative work led to all kinds of arrests and charges and convictions for those Klansmen.) 

I hear these lefties preaching ‘civility’ and ‘tolerance’ while at the same time hissing the words ‘Nazi’ and ‘Klan.’  (The Klan was founded by Democrats.  The platform of the German Nazi party was actually a lot closer to that of the modern US Democrat Party.)  Why can’t we have an honest debate about ideas?