#ncga: Pathetic.

Just a few days ago, supreme leadership suck-up Jimmy Dixon was squealing about a cabal plotting against Speaker Timmy:SPEAKERMOOREPORTRAIT

[…] If my response goes almost immediately, as yours did, to certain outlets it will not be because I sent it. At least we have now narrowed down to the fifteen who attended your meeting in Raleigh yesterday those who may have desire to use such outlets to prop-up their positions in a manner that, without question, in reprehensible.[…] 

So, fifteen.  Grandpa Jimmy had the anti-Timmy conspirators numbered at FIFTEEN. (By the way, that ”reprehensible” position he’s babbling about had to do with, oh, transparency, good government, ethical conduct, conservatism.  THAT kind of thing. )

 Big-time Timmy supporter Jimmy Dixon declared there were fifteen allies of Moore challenger Harry Warren in the caucus. But then, we get this tweeted out from Speaker Timmy’s staff:


Is Speaker Timmy aware of the correct definition of the word ‘unanimous’?  Or is there simply some good ol’ fashioned lying going on? 

I know there is a practice that then-speaker Thom Tillis introduced. If the caucus was divided on an issue, the plurality would become the caucus position, but another vote would be taken so a unanimous verdict could be declared and reported to the public.  Project the image of caucus unity when there is none. 19789999

I see Rep-elect Destin Hall picked up a leadership position.  I am sure he voted for Timmy in order to obtain said position.  Moore openly and proudly campaigned against Hall in the GOP primary.  Yet, here Hall is with his head bowed, hat in hand.

THREE House GOPers — John Blust, Harry Warren and Julia Howard — ran for the 13th congressional district.  Moore’s team openly aided another candidate in that race.  Speaker Timmy’s release said ‘unanimous.’  Apparently, those three still follow along like whipped dogs when they’re called. 

Crap like this is why you had so many people voting for Trump and Trump ONLY on the November ballot.  There is little to no faith left in our so-called government leaders.  Both sides are packed full of whores for special interest cash who are willing to sell their souls and shovel feces on their constituents to keep that cash coming.

It’s disgusting to see how many whores for solar industry cash are in that list of newly-elected “leaders.”  Yep, let’s keep a money-sucking, ineffectual industry on the government dole so we can get our cars, suits and condos paid for.  

A vote for Tim Moore was and is a vote for TWO MORE YEARS of shady self-serving backroom dea66268612ls.  TWO MORE YEARS  of catering to big donors at the expense of the working people back home.  TWO more years of pay-to-play.  TWO MORE YEARS of these whores wining and dining and clothing themselves with campaign funds provided by lobbyists seeking special favors.

The allure of the chairmanships and the illicit cash is apparently too strong.  If there ever was a need for a reenactment of that little episode at Sodom and Gomorrah …