#ncga: Apparently, ‘unanimous’ = a 44-30 SPLIT

26730_tim_moore_headshot_unctSpeaker Timmy has announced (1) that he got reelected ‘unanimously’ and (2) the GOP in the House is “a very unified caucus.”   Of course, my sources on the inside are telling me a much different story.

Here is an account of the speaker vote — a composite of testimony from a number of inside sources.  (I want to make Speaker Timmy’s writing / speech pattern analyst really earn his or her money.) :

“There were thirty solid votes against Moore.  Warren went to Moore and told him how many votes he had and told him what THEY wanted.  Moore basically said “WHATEVA” and Warren bought it and folded.  I hope all these folks remember that moment while they are sitting alone in their basement offices, or at their back row desks on the floor, with no committee assignments.”

Another vote was taken after Harry Warren folded.  With Moore being the only choice left, there wasn’t much suspense about who was going to get the nomination.  (* Show of boy countshands.  WHO wants to see Speaker Timmy lose his job?*)

They need to just go ahead and change the oath of office from devotion to the constitution to allegiance to Moore-Lewis-Dollar.

Moore will not need Warren’s 30 now that he has the GOP nomination.  He can take his 44 and team up with 17 Democrats.  *Nice going, gang.*

There is one more chance to hold Speaker Timmy’s feet to the fire — the full House vote on Speaker.  Just imagine the chaos that could emerge if, say, 15 Republicans abstained from that vote.  The speaker’s post could be thrown over to the Democrats.  (Or another Joe Mavretic fusion-candidate scenario could emerge. )timmeh

Lay out some hard demands for reforms in how the House does business.  Demand an actual conservative voice in leadership decisions.  Or 15 pairs of hands will be sat upon at the BIG VOTE.