#NCSEN: Told Ya So.

harrispointWe reported a little while back on the possibility that Charlotte pastor Mark Harris was at risk for being cut out of the televised debates for the 2014 GOP US Senate primary. Now, we’re hearing reports confirming that WRAL will not be including Harris in its April 23 debate broadcast.    WRAL’s news director says that, to make the cut, candidates need to have polled at 10 percent or more in at least one poll the station considers reliable.

So, unless something changes, viewers of the WRAL event will be treated to sound bites from Thom Tillis, Greg Brannon and Heather Grant — three of the eight candidates in the field. 

Here at Haymaker HQ, we have a problem with BIG MEDIA telling us who IS or IS NOT a viable candidate.  The drive-by media SHOULD be presenting us with all of the details and letting us make up our minds.

Barring Harris from the WRAL debate also presents a real problem for the drive-by media’s narrative on the Senate race.  For months, they’ve been telling us that Mark Harris is a ‘big dog’ –  a major player, a game changer — in the GOP field. Now, they’re barring him from the debate because they don’t consider him significant?