#NCSEN: Tillis pal says Brannon “a convicted stock swindler” and “crook”

BCcT2gMCAAEv9wDIt looks like Russia is not the only jurisdiction with an “Ivan The Terrible.”  It appears we’ve got one in North Carolina as well.  We’ve posted previously about the ravings of former state legislator Ivan Mothershead of Charlotte.

He’s a passionate fan of state House speaker and US Senate candidate Thom Tillis.  Mothershead participates in a political email discussion group with several  public and private figures from the Charlotte area and elsewhere.  We’ve been privy to a number of these discussions Mothershead has participated in.  The former legislator has recently been expressing some glee about Tillis foe Greg Brannon’s recent misfortune in the courtroom. Take this emailed Mothershead missive from earlier today:

Here is a question for all of you.  Brannon is clearly toast.

Wouldn’t an honorable man withdraw?

To not do so wastes valuable resources that we could use against Hagan.

His “appeal” will take years.

He is a convicted stock swindler.  

You think we can elect him to the US Senate?

Not a chance.

Everyone needs to keep the goal in front of them.  Defeat Hagan.

Swallow your pride and join the team, Tillis is going to kick her ass.


*Nice.* And FALSE.  Another participant in the discussion fired back at Mothershead:

I’ll urge him to withdraw when Tillis withdraws for paying the richest ELITISTS in Charlotte an $87.5 MILLION BRIBE and funding the light rail when is going to cost the taxpayers BILLIONS in increased property/sales taxes. Honorable my ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mothershead then replied to that message:

Put down the bong. 

A legislative decision is not the same as a crooked personal decision.  

I hope you understand that.  You can disagree on policy, that does not make you a crook.

Cheating people in a stock deal MAKES YOU A CROOK.

Got it?


29 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Tillis pal says Brannon “a convicted stock swindler” and “crook”

  1. This is typical of Thom Tillis’s radical supporters and points to a much broader issue surrounding him. Many times there is reference to violence from his supporters and Tillis himself which indicates a more troubling underlying issue and calls into question: Is Thom Tillis fit for public office? Sure he tries hard to give the appearance that he’s stable but a psycological evaluation would probably diagnose an unstable individual and sociopath. So Tillis supporters advocate kicking his female opponent’s posterior. Nice.

    In stark contrast, Dr. Brannon by virtue of his profession as an OB/GYN physician adhere’s to the strictest ethics found in the Hippocatic Oath to Do No Harm to Others as he cares for women in a multitude of issues everyday in his job as a physician. He evidently has cared for thousands of women’s medical needs as their doctor.

    What’s telling is number of times there is a documented reference to violence from Tills himself. Consider the open microphone incidence in the caucus where Tillis the Speaker and supposed leader of the chamber advocates:

    “going after the Governor” (going after the female Governor)
    “we just want to give them a little taste of what’s about to come” (going after school teachers)
    “gut punch them, cut them above the eye, whatever you want to do, its okay with me” (advocating going after fellow colleagues in the house supposedly female and male members)

    Is this evidence that Thom Tillis is not responsible with a position of leadership over others.

    Consider Thom Tillis intimidating GOP Convention attendees at the state convention. Here’s one lady that was so threatened she appeared to be trembling at Mr. T’s unstable behavior, she stated, “Mr. Tillis was clearly upset. He put his finger in my face and lectured me very sternly about slander and libel. He was the scariest of them all. If the idea was to physically intimidate me, it was working.”

    So Thom Tillis threatens and intimidates women in the GOP at a state convention, advocates violence against fellow members of the House of Representatives as the speaker, plans to go after the Governor of the state whatever that means, advocates political intimidation/retribution against school teachers. His supporters advocate violence against his opponent in reference to Ivan Motherhead’s rant above.
    And then aggressively pursues fellow house member and threatens them with primaries because they don’t raise enough money for him or dare to disagree.

    There is the incident with Rep. Robert Brawley (Iredell) whose office Tillis stormed into slammed the door in a rage shouted at Rep. Brawley that he had a business relationship with Time Warner cable. Evidently he wanted to make sure as speaker that his business interests in Time Warner cable were protected

    Is Thom Tillis crazy?

    And then there is the incidence where Rep. Deborah Conrad (R) Forsythe and fellow Rep. Donny Lambeth R (Forsythe) felt uncomfortable that Tillis was coercing them into raising money for the Speaker (sounds alot like extortion) Conrad said she probably wouldn’t have raised the matter except that she and fellow NC House candidate Donny Lambeth had just been commiserating over the pressure they were feeling. She did not indicate as to whether any threats were made against her or her colleague.

    These are only a few of the abnormal and unstable behaviors of Thom Tillis. Certainly, Kay Hagan’s team would never read this site to expound and dig deeper on these issues to call Tillis’s stability into question.

    Tillis? Well he has proven to advocate intimidation, violence, and coercion against women, his fellow party, and house members who disagree with him. Sounds like a kook.

    So the radical Tillis supporter’s rant above is indicative of much larger issue that everyone should be concerned about surrounding “Tillis the Terrible” and the constant unhealthly reference to violence towards others.

    In contrast, what could be said about Dr. Brannon? He’s an educated medical doctor and physician of many years whose responsibility it has been to provide medical care and show compassion for women in their health issues. Sounds honorable.

  2. Brannon can be toast, or not…. still not gonna ever vote for Tillis. There is absolutely zero point to supporting Tillis.

    Tillis or Hagan…. my interests are not advanced with either.

    I do have to chuckle… If Mr. Mothershead makes such adamant and certain calls based on the limited amount of info and detail that’s been put out there…well, the dude supports Tillis too, so I can’t say I have much use for his judgment. Frankly, he just looks silly.

  3. With Brannon were talking about $250,000 because an investor didn’t do his homework. With Tillis, millions are stolen from taxpayers to help his cronies. I will be supporting Brannon.

    1. Also consider Tilli$’ absolute corruption on the Renewable Energy Mandate boondoggle. Tilli$ is part owner of a small bank that invests a large percentage of its money in this consumer ripoff industry. Renewable energy is much more expensive to produce than conventional energy, so when power companies are required by state law to buy it, they pass along that extra cost to their customers in the form of higher electric rates. So when a bill with strong Republican support surfaces to end this anti-consumer Renewable Energy Mandate, Tilli$ looks out for his own pocketbook and that of his bank that invests heavily in these crony capitalism schemes, by using his power as Speaker to kill that bill.

      Tilli$ has clearly engaged in a gross act of corruption to further his own financial interests by screwing the electric customers in North Carolina. Tilli$ is totally unfit for public office and is an embarrassment to the Republican Party.

      Brannon’s mere negligence in passing on information about an investment opportunity to a couple of friends pales by comparison to Tilli$’ corruption which negatively impacts all North Carolinians.

      Brannon also does not engage in pay for play, while for Tilli$ that is his main guiding force in politics. Tilli$ has been little more than a rent boy for the special interests in Raleigh, and he would be the same in Washington.

      If I have to have a Senator who is going to embarrass me in Washington, such a Senator from my own party is more of an embarrassment than one from the opposite party.

  4. In Tillis’s district there is a town stealing millions from the taxpayers to subsidize a cable company. The voters had NO say. Now that is theft!

  5. But how many of the rank and file Republicans will have the same sentiments of Brother Mothershead? That is the question.

    Political sound bites can be extremely effective.

    1. I suspect that there are many more Republicans voters who are appalled by candidates who support amnesty for illegal aliens, something that has a major negative impact on our own lives. These voters are not going to support a pro-amnesty dolt like Tilli$ in either the primary or general election.

      The Republican Party platform is very clear on our party’s opposition to amnesty. Tilli$ has betrayed the party and its voters on that major issue, as well as a lot of other. It all comes down to the important issues of the day, and Tilli$ is not on our side on any of them. He might as well be a Democrat, because he functions more like a Democrat.

      Brannon was not my first choice, but my first few choices decided not to run. He seems to be the best of those who actually took the field. I could support Harris if he were the nominee, although his connections to Robin Hayes are a big negative. However, Tilli$ is the one candidate in the field who turns me off, TOTALLY. I really do not see much difference between Tilli$ and Hagan.

  6. I back Brannon! This is a pathetic attempt to try to eliminate support for Tillis strongest opponent and why? Because Brannon CAN WIN. and Motherhump, or whatever his name is, can watch from his wheelchair in his nursing home while we take back OUR party.

  7. It sounds like Mothershead was smoking the bong.

    Brannon was not “convicted” of anything. He was simply found *liable*. There is so much more to the case than the press has talked about. Details will come out soon enough.

    Also keep in mind that an honorable man will keep fighting when falsely accused.

    Mothershead’s own comments should help you draw your own conclusions the Tillis campaign.

  8. First of all, excellent post Weathersby. You hit the nails on the head. And you can bet that between Robert Brawley and Thilli$, what Brawley said is what happened. Good Post. Want to see more from you, my friend.

    Thilli$ CANNOT afford to attend any public forum or event unless its a dash for cash. He knows he is vulmerable and folks have questions that will embarrass him. He is using a bob and weave or rope a dope tactic. He’s just going to stay out of the way, be very selective to only show up for his private investors, and let the cash roll in. He has not interest in what his constituents or the general public has to say. To him, only money talks. He is the posterchild for corruption and arrogance

    But like most all situations, the answer can be found in mathematics. Let me break it down for you with my public education.

    success(Harris)=success(Brannon) x .75
    velocity(Brannon)>10 x credibility(Thilli$)
    publicwrath(2014)>publicwrath(2008 or 2012)
    dailyhaymaker=sum(smart x (daily+hay+maker))
    If (Thilli$=Hagan) then Brannon

    See? problem solved.

    1. **Correction**
      near the bottom of the math equation the correct formula should have been: interest(Thilli$)public This is a known factor and is sometimes expressed alternately as: interest(Thilli$)interest(public) but the answer will always be the same.

      1. Guess what? For some reason you cannot use a left and right arrow to represent “not equal to” on here. Tried it twice.
        The correct formula is:
        interest(Thilli$) is not equal to interest(public)

  9. You guys are funny. Mothershead took out an intrenched and some said corrupt democrat when he ran for NCGA back in 84. How many incumbent democrats have you folks sent home from the NCGA… crickets Your friend Brannon will have to come up with a cash bond in the amount of the judgment plus fees for the plaintiff lawyers if he wants to appeal. Liable/guilty means the same thing, Brannon for sure will have to pay up, weather or not he has the good since to shut up is another matter.

    1. Criminal court and civil court are NOT the same thing. That is a gross distortion by the Tilli$ crowd. Civil appeal bonds can be posted lots of ways, including property or hiring a civil bonding company (again a different set of people than those who write criminal bonds) to put up the bond for you. They are rarely posted in cash.

      1. Raphael- You are right in a way. But Dr, Brannon will have to post assets with the amount of the judgment as a bond to appeal. If Brannon tells the court ” I am Greg Brannon, trust me I am good for it”, he will be laughed out of court. Brannon may know “birthin’ babies. but he ain’t gonna be no Senator” He needs to do the honorable thing pay up and shut up.

  10. And meanwhile the race goes along while the Brannon campaign must defend itself against these charges when the time could have been spent gaining support.

    When you are struggling uphill you do not need a backpack stuffed with heavy stones.

  11. People, should probably get the facts before making ignorant statements. As a good friend of mine posted on Face Book, ” Like Brannon, don’t like Brannon, this case should’ve been dismissed. ” The facts don’t justify a trial.

  12. Tillis is an estabshment suck as-. Dr Brannon knows the constitution inside and out and has read the Obamacare Bill over 30 times and has a plan to change it to where it doesnt penalize and force Americans to take it. Plus Tillis is a liar..it was an investment deal not a stock deal. Brannons only mistake was he didnt testify like his partner did who was exonerated. Brannon would have been to if he also had testified. Bad advice from lawyers. VOTE GREG BRANNON FOR SENATE!

    1. Ric,
      Just to be fair, it wasn’t Tillis that said it was a stock deal. It was a “passionate fan”.
      Brannon all the way!!

  13. For all who think that this investment thing with Brannon is a huge deal It’s clear its just a mean political trick from the Tillis campaign, going to court on years old spat between friends. Nothing more than what your investment advisor does to you all the time. They advise and you what they think looks like a good deal, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, the individual has to make the final choice to invest or not. Not aware that Brannon had some kind of investment advisor’s license or credentials. It’s not like someone was holding a gun to the two’s head forcing them to put their money into the deal. They lost money because they didn’t personally research the investment before investing. They lost money for not doing so. Then they let Tillis talk them into taking it to court at this time because of an upcoming election. Let the buyer beware. Knowing the radical history of the Tillis organization someone might have been holding a gun to the plantiffs head to go to court to try to cause a little embarrassment to Brannon. Perhaps if there was more there and not just such a mean political trick from Thom Tillis this would be something but it’s just an attempt to smear the opposition.

    Perhaps Republicans should take the NCGOP to court. We were advised that investing our time, volunteer hours, and financial contributions in Richard Burr was a good deal, that our return on investment would be huge, turned out we lost big time in that investment too. What a disaster that has been. Now the establishment GOP wants us to do it again with another one of their risky investments in Tillis. I have read all the prospectus I need to on Thom Tillis. No thanks.

    I don’t know everything about Dr. Greg Brannon but I do feel like I can trust him. A lot of women trust Dr. Brannon to deliver their babies as his profession is an OB/GYN. I am going to vote for him.

    1. I don’t need to know any more about Dr. Brannon. If women trust him with their lives and the lives of their babies, Then I can trust Dr. Brannon with my vote.

  14. If Greg Brannon is the GOP nominee to run against Kay, how do you think the Democrats, Soros, and the media will treat the $250,000 judgement/award that Dr. Brannon will have to pay/post pending appeal?.

    1. I am sure they will go after it, but Tilli$ has much more baggage and more serious baggage, from the sex and influence scandal (Zippergate) in his office to his corrupt acts to protect his own investments by killing the bill to end the consumer ripoff of the renewable energy mandate to selling seats on the UNC Board of Governors to lots of other pay for play schemes.

      Compared to Tilli$, Brannon is almost scandal free.

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