#NCSEN: The state of the write-ins

noneIf you want to have your votes in the November elections tallied as a write in candidate for a statewide office, you need to have 500 signatures from duly registered North Carolina voters turned in to your local boards of elections by ONE WEEK FROM TODAY.

It now looks like there are THREE serious write-in efforts for US Senate.  Barry Gurney has 399 signatures approved out of a total of 477 submitted.  David Waddell has 206 approved out of a total of 306 submitted. Former legislator John Rhodes has 128 approved out of a total of 163 submitted. A reminder: If any of these three gets to 500, their name STILL will not appear on the ballot.  You will have to actually write in their name on the ballot. 

Republican Thom Tillis, Democrat Kay Hagan, and Libertarian Sean Haugh have already earned spots on the US Senate ballot for November.