#NCSEN: Rove “adjusts” Tillis position on ObamaCare

download (72)The shih-tzu reports in this morning’s Morning Memo about supervillain Karl Rove’s efforts to protect his candidate in the GOP primary for US Senate in North Carolina:

A super PAC supporting Thom Tillis’ bid for U.S. Senate is airing a new television commercial that subtly shifts his position on the federal health care law.

The latest American Crossroads ad calls Tillis “a fiscal conservative with the guts to repeal and replace Obamacare.” (See ad below.)

The original spot from the Karl Rove-backed group’s – which is spending $1.1 million in April to boost the House speaker’s contested primary race – described his stance this way: “the conservative guts to replace Obamacare with honest health care reforms.”

The rephrasing comes as Tillis faces criticism from his Republican rivals, particularly tea party candidate Greg Brannon, who suggest he is soft on the issue.

It appears to respond to the Brannon’s campaign’s criticism of the initial ad. In a statement at the time, the Brannon campaign noted the Crossroads ad made “no mention of repealing Obamacare, which would take real guts, and surprisingly it even references the same radio interview in which Thom says Obamacare is a great idea that can’t be paid for.” […]

ttshrugInteresting.  Mr. Inevitable a/k/a Mr. Big Boy Pants™ — the all-but-elected front runner — is responding to the baby doctor.  Successful campaigns usually set the tone and agenda for a campaign.  

Grandmaster Karl is trying hard to save his man.  But it’s hard to ignore the fact that ol’ Thom was hardly a cheerleader for the effort in the General Assembly to reject the federal money for setting up health care exchanges for ObamaCare.  He worked hard to push legislation through the assembly that would establish state health care exchanges — but that effort was smacked down by the state Senate.  Mr. Big Boy Pants™ also spent a lot of time talking privately with business leaders around the state — telling them it was not a question of IF we get ObamaCare, but HOW we implement and manage it.


12 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Rove “adjusts” Tillis position on ObamaCare

    1. Yeah, slippery as an eel. This slug Tilli$ has tried to slither all over the political spectrum. That is why he runs and hides from candidate forums and televised debates, and expects King Karl to buy the nomination for him with a gazillion dollars in TV ads. North Carolina voters need to tell the meddling interlopers from the Washington beltway to keep their stinking noses out of our primary. We need a Senator who represents North Carolinians, not a poodle for beltway insiders like Rove.

      I hope all of the others hammer Tricky Thom’s real record hard in that debate.

      1. In what debate? Timid Thom has successfully avoided every debate to date (about a dozen now, I think), and is now planning on dodging the televised upcoming WRAL debate. His opponents would love to call him out, but he’s too busy hiding. Kudos to Greg Brannon for calling Tillis out on his tv ads!

        1. What I am referring to is using the debate to comment on TIlli$’ positions even though he is not there.

          And yes, Tilli$ is a craven coward. Would he run away from Hagan the same way? I would say that would be likely, and is just another reason we cannot afford to nominate Tilli$.

  1. The three candidates will spend 90% of the debate time discussing Tillis’ record as they have no record themselves. So Tillis will get the most airtime even though he will not be present.

    But then Monday morning quarterbacking is a national pastime.

    1. But why is Tillis afraid to debate and defend his record. Really, I’m more interested in how he will defend the Constitution in the District of Corruption.

    2. Tilli$ is a phony with a liberal record on the issues. His opponents are much closer to the voters on the issues, and that is what needs to come out at the debate. Let people know that he has played both sides on Obamacare and cannot be trusted, that he is pro-amnesty, held a Gay Marriage fundraiser in New York City, supports green energy boondoggles that raise electric rates, etc. Let voters know that Tilli$ is just Hagan without the skirt.

      1. Do his opponents even know what the issues are?

        I know that they are familiar with all the slogans on the gays, packing off the illegals, cutting off the TSA electric shock bracelets, finding Area 21, repressing tyranny and doing something about the traitors.

        Thom is probably the only one who knows that serving in elected office is more than one-liners and making speeches to the faithful. But do not get me wrong, I love the one-liners. They make the election so much more fun.

    1. Given the combination or arrogance and cowardice he has displayed so far, I suspect not. Nominating a craven coward like Tilli$ against Hagan would just be stupidity.

  2. N.C. GOPe having an empty suit/ empty chair as their heir apparent, North Carolinians also see an empty debate podium with Tillis’ name on it.

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