#NCSEN: Rhodes, Waddell AND Gurney appear to qualify for write-in status on Nov ballot

noneDemocrat Kay Hagan, Republican Thom Tillis, and Libertarian Sean Haugh already have spots on the November ballot for US Senate.  It appears that three more people have met or surpassed the legal threshold for being included in the official vote tally for November.

You can write in ANYONE  you want in any election in North Carolina.  The problem?  The votes for anyone not listed on the ballot will not be counted.  But IF a candidate collects at least 500 signatures of registered North Carolina voters,  every ballot where his or her name is written in will be counted as part of the official totals for that race.

The deadline for collecting signatures for write-in bids for the November ballot was July 22.  According to the state board of elections web site, supporters of former Republican legislator John Rhodes have collected 711 signatures — 558 of which have been approved by elections officials, as of this morning.  Supporters of former Indian Trail councilman David Waddell have collected 627 signatures — 550 of which have been approved, as of this morning.  Supporters of eastern North Carolina’s Barry Gurney have collected 641 signatures — 544 of which have been approved, as of this morning. 

So, that gives voters AT LEAST six valid choices for the November vote for US Senate.   All counts are still listed  as on-going on the state board of elections web site.  No official certification has been granted just yet by the state board for US Senate write-ins.