#NCSEN: Rhodes, Waddell AND Gurney appear to qualify for write-in status on Nov ballot

noneDemocrat Kay Hagan, Republican Thom Tillis, and Libertarian Sean Haugh already have spots on the November ballot for US Senate.  It appears that three more people have met or surpassed the legal threshold for being included in the official vote tally for November.

You can write in ANYONE  you want in any election in North Carolina.  The problem?  The votes for anyone not listed on the ballot will not be counted.  But IF a candidate collects at least 500 signatures of registered North Carolina voters,  every ballot where his or her name is written in will be counted as part of the official totals for that race.

The deadline for collecting signatures for write-in bids for the November ballot was July 22.  According to the state board of elections web site, supporters of former Republican legislator John Rhodes have collected 711 signatures — 558 of which have been approved by elections officials, as of this morning.  Supporters of former Indian Trail councilman David Waddell have collected 627 signatures — 550 of which have been approved, as of this morning.  Supporters of eastern North Carolina’s Barry Gurney have collected 641 signatures — 544 of which have been approved, as of this morning. 

So, that gives voters AT LEAST six valid choices for the November vote for US Senate.   All counts are still listed  as on-going on the state board of elections web site.  No official certification has been granted just yet by the state board for US Senate write-ins.


10 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Rhodes, Waddell AND Gurney appear to qualify for write-in status on Nov ballot

  1. Thanks to all who signed to give those of us who persevere to wrangle our out of control government back into its Constitutional box with candidates who adhere to Constitutional principles. We now have a choice in November. Write in John Rhodes!

  2. The key is to deny the Senate seat to Tillis. Vote for the write-in candidates or the libertarian. Or even better vote for Kay Hagan to show her that North Carolina supports her. She is more conservative than Tillis and has served one term in the Senate. She represents the values of North Carolina and we need for her to retain the seat and not give it to Karl Rove. Reelecting Kay Hagan will show the establishment Republicans that North Carolina has a mind of its own!

    1. I could not see a thinking conservative voting for an open borders Libertarian like Haugh or an Obamacrat socialist like Hagan, The only options for a conservative voter are 1) writing in for Rhodes or one of the others, 2) not voting for Senator while voting for the other offices, or 3) holding your nose for Tillis IF he can make a credible case between now and election day why conservatives should do so. I have my doubts that Tillis has the inclination to do that, but who knows. The ball is in his court.

  3. Hagan = a millionaire Democrat, out of touch with NC and America..
    Tillis = Republican establishment pick funded by Karl Rove and rino moderates, who will have to repay with rino votes….
    Haugh = Libertarian open borders, pro abortion, pro drugs, etc
    Waddell = Constitutionalist fluent in Kilngon
    Rhodes = Republican who did not support his own write in campaign..
    Only one candidate is UNAFFILIATED and committed to NC voters.
    Only one candidate pledged to return his salary to NC 100 counties.
    Only one candidate went county by county with his petition
    You decide who is for NC…. Barry Gurney

  4. There is nothing Tillis can do to recover. The die is cast. Kay Hagan is the more conservative of the two and she will not be in Rove’s pocket. Tillis cannot attack her on Obamacare and he cannot attack her on amnesty. Kay Hagan has Tillis beat on all the issues. The last thing we need is another Karl Rove Rino. Maybe next time around NC GOP will run a conservative.

    1. I don’t see the logic of voting for Democrat socialist Hagan over Republican progressive Tillis. Neither is acceptable.

    2. I agree with you that thanks to Karl Rove’s meddling in our primary, we in the GOP are stuck with a nominee extremely poorly positioned on the issues, and one who is bumbling around not trying to help himself in that regard. Kay Hagan is not, however, more conservative than Tillis. While neither of them is a conservative, on balance Hagan is more to the left.

      Will Tillis do something between now and November to inspire conservatives to hold their noses and get behind him? He had opportunities in this legislative session and blew them, so I am not holding my breath that it will happen before election day. That is sad because Hagan is an awful Senator, but we have only Karl Rove to blame for being in this position.

      1. I blame poor turnout in the primaries. In key senate / house races across the county, turnout has been pathetic.

        There is no way I can vote for Hagan, Tillis has not earned my vote and the clock is ticking.

  5. What is the difference between Hagan and Tills. Nothing as far as I can see. We can either vote as sheep for Karl Rove and be led to the slaughter or we can reject Karl Rove and reelect Kay Hagan. Tillis is weak on amnesty and Obama will probably have settled that before Tillis got to the Senate. Abortion, same-sex marriage and gun control are not the big issues anymore. I really don’t see what Tillis has to campaign on. NC should reject Karl Rove!

    1. Tillis was rated only D- on gun rights issues by the National Association for Gun Rights, one of the two dependable national 2nd amendment groups.

      Tillis has been all over the landscape on Obamacare. He is not going to have any credibility there. Ditto the green energy ripoffs.

      The pre-primary polls showed Tillis to be one of the weakest GOP general election candidates in the primary pack for a reason, Why does Karl Rove have such a tendency to push losers?

      I could see the logic of writing in or skipping the Senate race. I cannot see the logic of voting for Hagan, as she is a screaming liberal Obamacrat, as bad as Tillis and maybe a smidgen worse.

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