#NCSEN: Playing footsie with the sock puppet

sock2You can almost feel the breeze from the mainstream media’s collective sigh of relief.  Kay Hagan — New York senator Chuck Schumer’s sock puppet™ — has filed for reelection.   I frankly could not believe what I saw printed under “The Shih-Tzu” ‘s byline:

[…] Like President Barack Obama, Hagan said the Affordable Care Act would allow North Carolinians to keep their existing insurance plans if they liked them. The pledge proved false – and earned Obama PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year honors.

But the details about what Hagan knew about the law’s limits and when she learned itremains unclear. Asked about it again Monday at a press conference in Raleigh, after she made her re-election bid official at the State Board of Elections, Hagan avoided the question.

Pressed on the question two more times as reporters followed her outside to the parking lot, Hagan did not answer. She offered this explanation without further details: “it wasn’t clear that insurance companies were selling substandard policies.”

Blue Cross Blue Shield, the state’s largest insurer, responded by saying Hagan’s comments “are simply not true and she should know better.” Company spokesman Lew Borman said the insurer notified customers that they could keep a grandfathered plan. Customers were also given an opportunity to return to a grandfathered plan, Borman said.

“The fact is that every step along the way, we have taken every available opportunity to make sure our customers understood the impacts of the ACA and grandfathering,” Borman said by email. “We have been very open with our customers about the cost and benefits of the ACA. It’s unfortunate that Senator Hagan has not done the same.” […]

E-gads! Do we have an impostor in our midst?   I cannot believe the shih-tzu is getting in The Sock Puppet’s face — much less reporting on her feeling some pressure and getting called out.  This will likely result in a retraction from The N&O and a spanking for The Shih-Tzu from his master John Drescher.  That aggressive crap is reserved solely for Republicans!

Renee Schoof followed up today with a story about all of Kay’s “homegrown cash.”  Which cash is that?  The Planned Parenthood crowd from Texas and Colorado?  The Hollywood muckety-mucks? The Washington lobbyists?  The folks at those Park Avenue fundraisers?

What?  Glaxo is “home-grown”?  Well — They’ve got some employees and buildings here.  But so does Wal-Mart.    Actually, when you look at her financial reports, Senator Sock Puppet has very little money from average ordinary folks living within the boundaries of this fine state. 

Of course, ol’ Kay can’t speak a sentence these days without slipping the namesof the Koch Brothers in.  She sure is boo-hooing about all of this “outside money.”  OUR STATE IS NOT FOR SALE, she bellows amidst her crocodile tears.  By the way, does everyone know that Kay has at least SIX different entities — only one of which is based in North Carolina — raising money for her?   (Jus’ sayin …)