#NCSEN: And the special interest money train rolls on …

momoneyThe FEC FINALLY updated the itemized info on donors to Thom Tillis’ US Senate campaign in the third quarter of 2013 (October 1 to December 31).  And — as expected — it yield all kinds of, um, goodness. 

Remember George Sywassink?  He’s the South Carolina resident who got appointed to the UNC Board of Governors.  Reportedly, according to Jones Street sources, he was initially voted down for that post mainly because he’s from South Carolina. Tillis reportedly put the pressure on.  A revote happened, and Sywassink got his post.  

THAT was all in July 2013.  In June 2013, a Super PAC controlled by Sywassink dumped $25,000 into the Tillis for Senate campaign.  Updated financial records from the Tillis campaign show that George Sywassink of Hilton Head, SC and Shirley Sywassink of Charlotte dumped another $10,400 into the Tillis campaign on November 7.

IN June 2013, Tillis got some bad publicity for a fundraiser in his honor hosted by a consumer finance lender just DAYS after the House passed some legislation favorable to consumer finance lenders.  He apparently didn’t learn from the episode.  His Senate campaign records show that he went back to the same contributors in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Campaign records show that the Tillis campaign collected $2500 from Bonnie Everette of Greenville, NC’s Time Investment Group in June.  In October, she donated another $2600.  Records show Royce Everette, also of Greenville and Time Investment Group, donated $2600 in June.  He gave another $2600 in October.

Spencer Allen Everette, also of Greenville and Time Investment, gave $500 to Tillis in December.  Albert Blanton Everett, a Raleigh resident also with Time Investment Group, also donated $500 in December.

Greenville resident Gail Norris Blanton, also with Time Investment Group, donated $2600 to Tillis in June and another $2600 in October.

Remember the Massachusetts law firm owned by Tillis’ brother-in-law tied to so many interests that have had so much good luck in their dealings with the General Assembly?  William Conroy, also with that firm, donated $1000 to Tillis in October.



7 thoughts on “#NCSEN: And the special interest money train rolls on …

  1. It is refreshing to see that these people believe in Thom Tillis and are willing to invest in his campaign. We all know it will take large amounts of money to unseat Kay Hagan. As the incumbent Kay will find it easy to raise money and I am happy to see people responding to the Tillis campaign.

    Do you have a similar report on what Brannon has raised in campaign cash since the jury came back in?

    If he is raking in the cash then maybe the voters are not phased by the trial.

    1. Special interests buying of candidates has a term that applies to it, and that term is ”corruption”.

      Tilli$ refuses to show up to candidates nights to present himself to average NC Republican voters, but he seems to always show up for events for the $pecial interest$. Personally, I want a Senator who is going to represent the interests of the people, not of the special interests.

  2. Coop, the paid troll for the the Tilli$ campaign from a previous post also believes that Republican primary voters and the grassroots share the same ideals as Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and Jesse Jackson supporters and that sex scandals surrounding Tilli$ office are okay too. Good try go pick up your check. Reading the article, it’s clear the special interests own their boyToll Road Tilli$. This makes the argument more convincingly that Tilli$ is Kay Hagen without the skirt and would be a continuation of business as usual. Here’s what primary voters will get in return for voting for Time Warner Thom Tilli$, another Richard Burr, another Karl Rove, another John Boehnner, another Mitch McConnell, another Harry Reid, another Kay Hagen, another Nancy Pelosi. The idea is to change congress not continue business as usual. The only miniscule, microscopic change that would occur in the Senate seat should Time Warner Tilli$ win? an enchange of an X for a Y chromosome. That’s it. He’s the same as Kay Hagen without the skirt.

    1. To be honest I do not want to look under either one’s skirt.

      As far as the Tillis sex scandal goes I don’t see it anywhere in the media. You reckon Kay is holding it back to spring it on us like the Monica deal? Or the SC Governor who went walking on the trail down to Argentina. I think the SC Governor brought her back to the US and then went on to be elected to Congress. She must be a knockout for him to get elected to Congress.

      But I think the sex deal did get Gov. Spitzer. And I believe it got Weiner too.

      It certainly will be interesting but I doubt it will rival the Rielle and John escapade.

      Sex and financial dealings. What a primary!

  3. Yawn. Prepare your self for Kabuki Theatre at its best with all the stage props in place. The candidate few people like, Tholl Roads Thom just filed for office. Crowd swellers cheering, monkeys on roller skates, ring master in center ring, mimes, and clowns, and jugglers all to misdirect the attention of the crowd to the fact that the as someone put it “The Undocumented Democrat Thom Tillis” has filed for office as a Republican. There will be a small blip on the radar and then he’ll go back into hiding unless someone dangles a $20 bill in front of him. Yawn. So did anything of significance happen today in North Carolina?

  4. Campaigns are time consuming and expensive so here’s a little help. Free stuff.

    Source: Charlotte Observer Thursday, Jul. 18, 2013
    Tillis Tries But Cant Serve Two Masters

    When Tillis announced his Senate bid, he said he would “raise money at the appropriate time.” “I don’t intend to campaign heavily and actively until after we get out of session,” he said.

    North Carolina’s House of Representatives took action on 36 bills Wednesday…..Rep. Thom Tillis of Cornelius, missed it all. He was 263 miles away, in Washington, D.C., raising money for his budding U.S. Senate campaign.

    Tillis also missed part of Tuesday’s House session. And it is not the first time Tillis has missed important legislative debate so that he could chase campaign cash.
    Besides missing important House business, Tillis’ moonlighting has the look of the pay-to-play politics that Republicans decried among Democrats for so long. A superPAC for Tillis raised $70,000 from George A. Sywassink, R. Doyle Parrish and W.G. Champion Mitchell, newly released records show. Tillis’ House named all three to the UNC Board of Governors recently, including Sywassink after declaring there had been a vote-tallying error the first time around.

    Hints: So if Thom Tillis can’t even show up for work in the NC House as the Speaker why should we expect him to be able to show up for work in DC as a Senator?

    When Thom Tillis lays out of work he gets paid more. When you lay out of work you don’t get paid. Thom Tillis is not like us.

    Of course Thom Tillis will say that the Democrats did this too, even Kay Hagan. Exactly. Thom Tillis really is just like Kay Hagen just without the skirt. That we know about.

    So if Thom Tillis refuses to meet with and listen to his constituents and neighbors at an event just 4 miles from his house, why would would we believe he would listen to us several hundreds of miles away in DC. An empty chair for an empty suit.

    Republicans and Democrats agree. Tillis is Terrible.

    Pinnochio Tillis. When Tillis lies his wallet grows.

  5. Could someone point out for me a “viable” candidate who does not special interest money. Doesn’t everyone who donates have a special interest.

    If a candidate wins a Senate seat from North Carolina they will have taken money from special interest groups.

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