#NCSEN: And the special interest money train rolls on …

momoneyThe FEC FINALLY updated the itemized info on donors to Thom Tillis’ US Senate campaign in the third quarter of 2013 (October 1 to December 31).  And — as expected — it yield all kinds of, um, goodness. 

Remember George Sywassink?  He’s the South Carolina resident who got appointed to the UNC Board of Governors.  Reportedly, according to Jones Street sources, he was initially voted down for that post mainly because he’s from South Carolina. Tillis reportedly put the pressure on.  A revote happened, and Sywassink got his post.  

THAT was all in July 2013.  In June 2013, a Super PAC controlled by Sywassink dumped $25,000 into the Tillis for Senate campaign.  Updated financial records from the Tillis campaign show that George Sywassink of Hilton Head, SC and Shirley Sywassink of Charlotte dumped another $10,400 into the Tillis campaign on November 7.

IN June 2013, Tillis got some bad publicity for a fundraiser in his honor hosted by a consumer finance lender just DAYS after the House passed some legislation favorable to consumer finance lenders.  He apparently didn’t learn from the episode.  His Senate campaign records show that he went back to the same contributors in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Campaign records show that the Tillis campaign collected $2500 from Bonnie Everette of Greenville, NC’s Time Investment Group in June.  In October, she donated another $2600.  Records show Royce Everette, also of Greenville and Time Investment Group, donated $2600 in June.  He gave another $2600 in October.

Spencer Allen Everette, also of Greenville and Time Investment, gave $500 to Tillis in December.  Albert Blanton Everett, a Raleigh resident also with Time Investment Group, also donated $500 in December.

Greenville resident Gail Norris Blanton, also with Time Investment Group, donated $2600 to Tillis in June and another $2600 in October.

Remember the Massachusetts law firm owned by Tillis’ brother-in-law tied to so many interests that have had so much good luck in their dealings with the General Assembly?  William Conroy, also with that firm, donated $1000 to Tillis in October.