#NCSEN: Moore County GOPe ALL IN for Richard Burr


We’ve got a four-candidate primary race coming up on March 15th for the GOP nomination for US Senate. But, in some quarters, we’re being led to believe all we have is one incumbent unopposed for reelection.  Check this out from our friends at the Moore County GOP:



So, they’re giving prime, exclusive billing to ONE of FOUR candidates in the upcoming primary.  Larry Holmquist, Greg Brannon and Paul Wright have also filed for this race as Republicans.  I don’t see any mention of them. Will they be given a chance to speak to the crowd in this — one of the state’s most yellow-dog Republican counties? 

The parties are supposed to be about promoting their platforms and highlighting ALL of their candidates. You may think someone is the runaway favorite.  That the other three don’t stand a chance.  Every so often, those kind of assumptions get turned on their head.

Party organizations need to showcase ALL of the candidates who will be on the primary ballots.  Let the voters decide which way they want to go.  Stuff like this is deceptive, dishonest and just plain wrong.

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  1. Throwing your lot in with Senator Burr might be wise as far as the primary goes.

    What is the word? Pragmatic? Realistic? Common Sense?

    Never seen much use in falling on your sword. Not even if covered by Obamacare.

    1. The word for Tricky Dick Burr is Liberal, Sellout, Obama Enabler, RINO, Phony.

      Burr votes like Terry Sanford. Why should he be the GOP nominee?

      Moore County is totally out of line promoting one candidate – and by far the most liberal one running – in the primary. All primary candidates should be given equal access in all party functions, not one favored over the others.

    2. Jr is an Obama supporter so I would not have any confidence in anything you say. Why don’t you head on down to Mother Jones and blog about how supportive you are of Obama.

  2. I didn’t go 15 rounds with Dallas Woodhouse and the NCGOP in December over this kind of blatant favoritism only to have more of this (pardon my French) crap thrown in my face now.

    Even if I were invited now by the Moore County GOP to attend this event, I’m pretty sure I’d be “busy” that night.

    In fact, I’m wondering about my decision to attend the Moore County GOP Women’s lunch on February 1st. Sounds like a lot of minds are already made up there, so why bother?

    Larry Holmquist

    1. Mr. Holmquist,

      It is unfortunate that you include our club, Moore Republican Women (MRW), in your criticism of “blatant favoritism” of those whose “minds are already made up” because of the selection of Senator Richard Burr as keynote speaker for the 2016 Reagan Dinner.

      MRW offered you an opportunity to speak to our members at our February 1st meeting to help them determine whom they want to support in the primary. MRW is required by our bylaws to offer that chance to all registered Republicans running for the same office.

      MRW is affiliated with the National Federation of Republican Women, therefore we function under the bylaws and guidance of the Federation, not the Moore County GOP. We were not involved in its choice of the keynote speaker for the Reagan Dinner, so naming us in your criticism to The Daily Haymaker is not only unfair, it is unwarranted. Before using a public forum to express your concern about our club, I question why you did not seek to ask us directly, rather than making a spurious assumption.

      Kay Wildt, President
      Moore Republican Women

  3. The pettiness of this page knows no bounds! Moore County is hearing from our Senior Republican United States Senator at a Reagan Day Dinner, which is entirely appropriate. A Reagan Day Dinner is not a debate stage. I’ve said this before and will say it again: If Ronald Reagan himself were still alive some of you so-called conservatives would label him a “rino.”

    1. During a campaign period, he is primarily a candidate. If he is the nominee after the primary, it is well and proper to have him at any party event. Before the primary, if the party does not feed ALL primary candidates out of the same spoon, they are not providing a level playing field and are putting their thumb on the scales for one candidate. There is absolutely no difference between what Moore County is doing and what Gates County did last primary when its executive committee endorsed a primary candidate, Gates County backed off on that one, and if Moore had the slightest bit of integrity, they would back off on this one, too.

      1. Ahh, but Gates County endorsed a conservative challenger, not a liberal incumbent approved by NCGOP so NCGOP pushed Gates County to back off.

    2. Joe, let me give you an education. The RINOS of the Reagan era opposed Ronald Reagan during his 1980 presidential election in favor of George H. Bush. The modern day Establishment ilk like yourself would absolutely despise Reagan if he were alive today. To have Richard Burr involved with anything dealing with Reagan is a slap in Reagan’s face. Richard Burr is the guy who said “defunding Obama Care is the dumbest idea he had ever heard of.” Will you be asking him about it? Didn’t think so. You should keep up with Burr’s voting record and quit blaming this site because you and the rest support Obama’s agenda.

  4. This is an inexcusable action. I will not run for re-election as a Republican precinct officer, and very seriously consider registering as un-afiliated.

    1. You can’t tell me they couldn’t find another speaker — one of isn’t running for office. Sadly, this is more of what we have come to expect from the GOP and it’s the reason I, and many others, have re-registered unaffiliated.

  5. Its called the advantages of being an incumbent. An elected Republican official does not relinquish his office just because somebody paid a fee to run against him. Senator Burr has spoken at MANY Reagan Day Dinners over the years and I’m sure the folks in Moore County will be honored to have their Senior Senator at theirs. Anyone who would leave the Republican Party because a Republican U. S. Senator is invited to speak at a Reagan Day Dinner is the real “rino”!

    1. Other than in a primary period when he has primary opposition, it is certainly fine for any Republican elected official to speak at a GOP function. Primary periods are different because in North Carolina, the party is supposed to be neutral in primaries. In some states, the party is allowed to and does make formal endorsements, but the procedures in NC have never allowed for that.

  6. Carolina is Failing with friends like you. I am from the Jesse Helms wing of the party. I’m not 100% happy with any elected official but I refuse to do anything that will hinder Republicans and aid democrats. Accusing em of being a supported of “Obama’s agenda” says more about you than me.

    1. I worked in all of Jesse Helms campaigns, and it is shameful to think of Richard Burr and Thom TIllis occupying seats once held by Jesse Helms and John East. I also worked in Dr. East’s campaign.

      Helms and East were both always solid 100s on conservative ratings. For his first term and into his second, Burr was in the 80s which was not the best, but one could live with it. Not long into his second term, Burr starting ignoring the voters back home and started listening totally to the DC crowd, the K Street special interests and the McConnell crowd. Three GOP congressional district party organizations in North Carolina voted to censure and rebuke Burr for his liberal votes, two by unanimous votes of the district GOP executive committees and one by overwhelming vote of its district convention. Burr’s conservative scores dropped to the 30s and 40s, more like Terry Sanford used to get than like Helms or East. On one rating, he dropped to the 20’s.

      If the term RINO ever applied to anybody, it applies to the Richard ”Tricky Dick” Burr of today.

      Burr has also joined Mitch McConnell’s war on conservatives. The Senate Conservatives Fund named Burr one of the Shameful Seven for being one of the seven GOP Senators who financed the very worst of the dishonest race-baiting dirty tricks in the Mississippi Senate primary runoff last year against the conservative frontrunner, State Senator Chris McDaniel.

      Burr’s conservative ratings are the worst in the state for a Republican, worse than Renee Ellmers. Also worse than any Republican in federal office EVER. We could almost pick someone at random from the GOP voter registration list and have better representation than we are getting from Richard Burr.

      And, no, incumbents do not get special favors in the party. EVERY candidate gets treated equally.

  7. Yeah, unfortunately Joe, Burr has done NOTHING to stop Obama and his destructive agenda. If anything he has encouraged it. Hence, last year’s cromnibus vote that fully funded his illegal amnesty, Obama Care, EPA assault, and everything under the sun….

    Did you by chance see the establishment response to the SOTU? Your establisment ilk chose to go after Trump, the Republican front runner, instead of Obama. That should tell you a lot about the RINO establishment. The establishment fears Trump more than Obama as shown by their state of the Union response.
    I too and from the Helms era and had the pleasure of meeting him. BURR Has nothing in common with Helms but an R beside his name. Helms was known as senator NO. Burr is known as senator YES. And he’s said yes to the most destructive president this nation has ever seen.

    1. Burr has voted repeatedly to fund Obama’s agenda. The two most egregious votes were last year’s CRomnibus and this year’s omnibus. Both times, Burr voted FOR funding the Obama agenda on the most important vote, the one on cloture. That is where you can stop a bad bill with 41 votes against it, unlike the final vote where it takes 51 against. The last time, he tried to pull the wool over voters eyes by voting for it before he voted against it. He saw on the cloture vote it had the votes without him, so he voted against it on the final vote. Voters are catching on to those sleazy practices, and Burr did not fool those who follow politics.

      Burr pulled the same slimy stunt in voting for confirming radical leftist Loretta Lynch as Attorney General (on cloture) before he voted against her (on the final vote).

      If Burr does not support the Obama agenda, why does he keep voting to fund it?

      If Burr does not support Obama’s dictatorial executive actions, why did he vote for Loretta Lynch (on cloture) who would backstand those executive actions before he voted against her (on the final vote)?

      Richard Burr has gone native in DC and is now a poster boy for term limits. We need to bring him home in the primary.

  8. “The word for Tricky Dick Burr is Liberal, Sellout, Obama Enabler, RINO, Phony.”
    The truth hurts, don’t it Joe?
    To paraphrase Mark Twain:
    “There are three kinds of lies:
    lies, damned lies, and Richard Burr’s campaign promises.”

  9. Who would you rather hear?

    North Carolina’s well respected senior United States Senator or that pizza delivery guy? The pizza man is one of ours isn’t he?

    1. Wrong again Junior, the pizza guy is a libertarian candidate who has nothing to do with the establishment GOP or conservatives. Junior Cooper is an Obama Suporter who tries to antagonize patriots on this site. Junior Cooper tends to support Burr on this site because he advances Obama’s agenda so well.

      1. Thanks for reminding me. Somehow all these folks popping up to run against Senator Burr make me think of the pizza guy. I love pizza and love it when used at political rallies. It draws out the young voters.

        Keep reminding me the pizza guy is not one of ours so I will not tip too much when my pizza arrives.

  10. Dammit Claire! I’ll have to paraphrase Mark Twain again:
    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and Renee Ellmers’ marriage vows”.

  11. Until someone makes a formal complaint to NCGOP this is just a bitch session. That’s why there’s a Plan of Organization.
    This is clearly a violation.

  12. Plan of Organization? I thought NCGOP was being run by our “comrades” in the Central Committee . They don’t need no stinkin Plan of Organization, or a Platform for that matter.

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