#NCSEN: If it looks like amnesthy, and it says ‘hola’ like amnesthy …

*The smartest man to EVER represent North Carolina in the U.S. Senate*™ Tillis-and-Ellmers-063took a few moments to sit down recently with the fawning stenographers at Charlotte Business Journal.  In the interview, we learned about what a foreign policy whiz he’s become. (Time on The Cornelius Town Council and Jones Street will do that for you.) 

He also got into some really *high-brow* economic stuff: 

[…] On labor issues: As the economy turns, one of the most significant impediments to economic growth is going to be labor availability. And North Carolina is in a unique position to point to a shortage of American workers for certain jobs, which is why we’ve got to work on illegal immigration.[…]

Labor availability ????  I’d argue that there are a few more things much more significant as impediments to economic growth — like Obamacare, regulations, taxes, and amnesty, for starters.  You know, stuff that Tillis and his benefactor / mentor Mitch McConnell have no intention of doing anything about. speedy

Where’s he going with this?  This sounds like the same spin that comes out of the Farm Bureau when they are trying to weaken immigration regs like e-verify.  MORE:

[…] We’re the only state in the nation that didn’t extend long-term unemployment benefits. We were at about 10.2% (unemployment) over five quarters; we went down to about 6.4%. You’ve got your direct jobs, but you’ve also got the indirect jobs: construction, a number of other things. If we don’t do a better job of getting illegal worker immigration policies in place, it’s going to be a significant impediment to a number of industries. […] 

MM-hmmm.  Somebody please inform the senator that we have a whole slew of immigration laws in place.  We need SOMEONE to ENFORCE them.

Sure, these agri-businesses can moan about a home-grown labor shortage.  When you have a crowd of Mexicans willing to work for SQUAT and artificially deflating the market wage, what do you expect?  Home-grown Americans who have to play by the rules and pay taxes can’t afford to work for SQUAT.

8 thoughts on “#NCSEN: If it looks like amnesthy, and it says ‘hola’ like amnesthy …

  1. CORRECTION……NC does NOT have any illegal immigration laws in effect and the only deterrent we had (e-verify) was gutted by the “smartest man to ever represent NC in the US Senate”. It was his way or the highway when the requirement of checking e-verify status was changed from being employed 90 days or less……to being employed 9 MONTHS or less! Anyone remember HB36?

  2. It he wasn’t Republican I swear he would have voted for the #IranDeal.

    He believes in extending unemployment benefits???

    Anyone who volunteers for Americans for Prosperity knows more about what ended Job growth! Ask my 18 yr old granddaughter upon receiving her first paycheck! ” Hey, Mel, as I asked her the other day, how do you like your paycheck?” “Gramz,” she exclaimed! “I was supposed to get $500 ( 2 weeks work) , they took $100 in taxes!”

    Do I need to share more, Sen Tillis, is that what you meant as an impediment?

    To the readers, let’s not make another voting mistake for President in 2016.

    1. Tillis and Burr DID vote for the Iran deal, but only cast their show votes against it.

      They went along with Obama enabler Mitch McConnell some weeks ago on the Corker bill that stood the Constitution on its head for this treaty. Instead of enforcing the Constitutional provision requiring 2/3 Senate approval to pass any treaty or 67 votes for it, the Corker will required a majority vote against it to stop it. That change of the rules meant that with an Obama veto, the treaty could get by with only 34 votes for it or even with a fillibuster, it could be sustained with only 41 votes for it. When McConnell’s lackeys like Burr and Tillis voted for the Corker bill they virtually guaranteed approval of the Iran treaty, even if they cast ”show votes” later against it. Once the Corker bill was passed, approval of the Iran treaty was baked in the cake.

      This is all part of Boehner and McConnell’s ”failure theater” in which they refuse to use procedures that could actually stop Obama policies and instead have show votes on measures they know will not work. Tillis and Burr have been fully complicit in these deceptions.

      We do not have real ”leaders” in Congress on the GOP side, only scared little girls with their panties in a twist. Our party does badly need some real leaders, but in the NC delegation only Mark Meadows and Walter Jones want to actually do something to make the needed changes.

  3. Tillis is a disgusting open borders liberal. Who will primary him in 2020? But first we need to boot out Tricky Dick Burr in 2016.

  4. From what I hear on the news today, retired Superior Court Judge Paul Wright has stepped up to the plate and announced against Burr. Congressman Meadows would beat Burr like a drum, but he does not look like he is going to run for Senate. Judge Wright would make a heck of a lot better Senator that Tricky Dick Burr. If he is the man, we need to get behind him. I am sending him a Benjamin to thank him for jumping in.

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