#ncsen: GOP hitting Kay & The Dems from the, um, LEFT.

waitGOP partisans all over the Twitter-verse are yukking it up over DREAM activists heckling Kay Hagan at a weekend event.     But, wait.  Aren’t DREAMers the amnesty crowd?  If so, why is it bad that she is being heckled by that bunch?

At the national level, Democrats are hitting Republicans for allegedly cutting funding for ebola vaccine research.  Republicans countered by pointing out they spent a whole lot more on ebola vaccines than Obama even asked for. 

At the state level, Democrats are attacking Republican state legislators for allegedly cutting $500 million from public education.  Republicans have responded that falsehood by pointing out correctly that they actually increased spending on education by ONE BILLION.  On one hand, I can understand the desire to correct false statements being disseminated to the public.  But on the other hand, WHY are Republicans defending themselves by pointing to the fact that they spent MORE of our money?  Aren’t they accepting the left’s premise that throwing taxpayer dollars at problems is the way to go?  That 50-year long “War on Poverty” is the best piece of evidence that doesn’t work. 

Republicans at the state and national level have decided that they want to maintain their position as the official protest vote.  When voter patience wears thin with Democrat shenanigans, Republicans want to be able to say Yoo Hoo! We’re over here, and we’re NOT those guys!

confusedoldAt some point, voters are going to get tired of the crowd they voted in as a protest — especially if that crowd doesn’t really stand for anything and doesn’t do a whole lot to differentiate themselves from those other guys. 

The DC GOP has established a national strategy of badmouthing the other guys while not saying much about what THEY will do.

In our Senate race, Theam Tillis is betting it all on that national strategy.  They’ve forsaken bolstering their standing with the base — the folks they should already have — for this issue-less, principle-barren strategy.  The Hagan camp appears to be aiming their strategy at the Democrat base.  In an era where turnout is appallingly low and the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) operation is becoming ever more critical, your hardcore supporters become even more crucial.