#ncpol: September Madness

rockdogsCan’t there be ONE aspect of American society or culture where leftists aren’t trying to cram their sick, sordid beliefs down our throats?

We get hit with it in movies and TV shows.  We get it ad nauseum in public schools and on college campuses.  Some of us even get hit with it from the pulpit in church.   The drive by media serves it up to us all while disingenuously preaching the gospel of objectivity and balance. Many of us who turn to televised, organized sports for an “escape” get hit with lectures on gun control, gay rights, feminism and race between plays. same-sex-wedding-dj-gay-friendly-wedding-dj

In 2012, the Left made it clear that we in North Carolina were going to PAY for throwing in with the Republican Party.  The Blueprinters, in cooperation with their driveby enablers in Raleigh and Charlotte, have been true to their word.  The lies and utter viciousness have come fast and furious.  They’ve made it clear that they’re willing to reduce North Carolina to End-of-Days rubble in order to get what they want. 

The duly-elected attorney general – -in his lust to be promoted to governor — got caught red-handed encouraging boycotts and sabotage of the economy of the state he wants to govern.

What’s all the fuss about?  House Bill 2 — which says our state is going to keep things, as far as locker rooms and restrooms go, AS IS.  Boys go in one, and girls go in the other.  The state is not codifying, or caving in to, the absurd notion that you pick your gender like you pick out your clothes every morning.  

download-1Why did North Carolina decide to make this move?  Charlotte — sure to be followed by other kook communes like Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham and Asheville — wanted to do things like abolish gender-specific locker rooms and restrooms, set their own hiring quotas for the gay crowd, as well as make up their own “minimum wage.”  Never mind that the state constitution requires that changes like that be blessed first by the General Assembly.  HB2 simply reiterates that any changes like that need to be run through Jones Street.

Can you imagine the nightmare of trying to do business in multiple jurisdictions from Murphy to Manteo, all with their own individual minimum wages and employment quotas? HB2 ensures uniformity statewide.  The lefties KNOW they can’t get what they want playing by the rules.  So, they turn to their tried and true intimidation tactics.  Slander people, businesses and institutions if they don’t bow down to you and submit.  “Racist” is an epithet that is as fearsome and loathsome as “communist” used to be. adam-silver

Some corporations, obviously feeling the heat from the leftist howler monkeys, publicly scorned North Carolina and HB2 and announced the cancellation of their plans to expand into North Carolina.  Instead, they headed to the greener pastures of those liberal homo-friendly utopias Guatemala, Cuba and China. 

The NBA pulled its All-Star game from Charlotte and took it to New Orleans — which has THE SAME rules about boys and girls in separate bathrooms that North Carolina does.

download-2Now, here comes the NCAA pulling its March Madness games from North Carolina right in the heat of our election season.  Right as college football season is starting up, and people are starting to think about college basketball.  Interesting timing, wouldn’t you say?  College campuses are dominated by screaming, howling unwashed Marxists.  Their school of, um, “thought” has permeated every pore of ESPN and other sports broadcasting entities.  It was a matter of time before the mob turned its attention on the beloved institution of March Madness. 

Kami Mueller, the communications guru at the state GOP, had a great response for the NCAA on their decision.  (She’s great.  They need to toss Dallas and let her run the show.  She’s done more good in her short time at NCGOP HQ than Robin’s grandson has EVER.) 

The opposition is on war footing, folks.  They’re utilizing mafia, gestapo, and KGB style tactics and our side is responding like church deacons or Rotary greeters.  Our culture is at stake folks.  The other side is willing to take down our economy right along with our culture.  The real question is: Will we hang our heads, submit and let them DO IT?