#ncga: House GOP leaders shifting ALL campaign $$$ to Wake, Meck races

moore1Hear that, rural and suburban GOP state House candidates?  You are ON YOUR OWN.

Poor financial decisions by House caucus leaders are coming back to bite the caucus in the butt as we approach November.

House leaders dumped gobs of campaign funds toward fighting off conservative primary challenges to Reps. Nelson Dollar and Charles Jeter in March.  Jeter ended up eking out a 30-some vote primary win and resigning his seat shortly afterward.  Dollar won his primary big, but faces a well-funded general election challenge.

Jones Street sources tell me the biggest concerns for House Republicans are Mecklenburg’s Scott Stone and Wake’s Gary Pendleton, Marilyn Avila, Nelson Dollar, and Chris Malone.   I am told Democrats stand ready to pour ONE MILLION DOLLARS into each county between now and the November election to try and carpet-bomb those Republican incumbents into submission.  dolmore

I’ve been hearing that fundraising has been tough for the House GOPers.  I mean, with certain members spending twenty-grand worth of campaign funds on clothes, and others using campaign funds to pay for houses and condos and air travel and fancy meals, who in their right mind would want to invest their money in that operation? 

7 thoughts on “#ncga: House GOP leaders shifting ALL campaign $$$ to Wake, Meck races

  1. Please name the names of the lawmakers who misuesed campaign funds. We really need that information. Why did we wait for DEMS to tar and feather them? It’s crazy that we didn’t go after them.

  2. Throwing away caucus money in the primaries is outrageous, and now betting it all on a handful of urban districts is idiocy. The caucus should stay out of primaries.

    Rural and suburban legislators need to dump this idiot leadership team responsible. Rural and suburban GOP contributors need to give to the Senate GOP caucus and to the NC Conservative PAC instead, so their money will not be wasted, and not a nickel more to the House GOP caucus.

  3. Rep Dollar has to go. No amount of money is going to save him. Moore’s power base has to be broken up.

    All that money wasted on Jeter.

    They spent a pile trying to get rid of Justin Burr. Helped a primary opponent of a SITTING member. Used the money he had to donate to the caucus campaign fund against him in a primary.

  4. I just saw that Monsanto donated money to State Rep. Susi Hamilton’s campaign in Wilmington. Is there any chance that the GOP could capitalize on that to draw a wedge between Hamilton and her progressive base, who traditionally don’t like Monsanto? Could that seat be made competitive?

    1. That race would make sense to get into when we get a good issue if we had some decent leadership in the caucus. Regrettably, we do not.

      1. Hamilton had only spent about 20,000 by the time that she filed her last report. That is a number that could easily be caught up to with a serious effort. I’d love to see us go on the offense a bit.

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