#ncga: Down BIG in the polls, Barringer throws HB2, her party under the bus

368The N&O’s “Genitalia” Campbell led the reporting team breathlessly reporting on “the first Republican” to call for the repeal of House Bill 2.  What their story downplays, omits, leaves out is that senator Tamara Barringer (R-Cary) is downaccording to key sources on Jones Street“more than ten points” to her Democrat opponent for November.  My sources tell me that she, and her seat, have already been written off as “a lost cause.”

Barringer was a key, vocal supporter of HB2 when it first went through the Senate.  Her 180 this close to the November vote clearly indicates principles are a distant second to saving her derrière AND her political career.

Barringer, along with uber-consultant Paul Shumaker, and former state Reps. Richard Morgan and David Miner, were key figures in 2003-2004’s “Republican Main Street” PAC, which sought to protect and elevate Republican liberals at the expense of conservatives.  underthebus

This move will temporarily make Barringer useful to the leftist BluePrinters trying to “eviscerate” the Republican power structure in North Carolina.  She’ll be portrayed in the drive by media as heroic.  But, really, what’s so heroic about taking both sides of an issue and talking out of both sides of your mouth? 

18 thoughts on “#ncga: Down BIG in the polls, Barringer throws HB2, her party under the bus

  1. At least HB2 will not prevent Pat McCrory from continuing to get his regular pedicures. And bikini waxings.

  2. Colon Campbell again? Well, we all know what a colon is full of! The fact that the guy hangs out in mens rooms looking for genitilia tells you a lot about him, too.

    I did not know that Barringer was an associate of Miner, Shumaker, and Morgan, but that explains her liberal voting record. I see the Senate is smart enough not to waste resources on an urban county legislative seat.

  3. The majority of NC citizens do not want Hate Bill 2 and even more know that it has hurt the state’s economy. Some here don’t care that Charlotte lost the NBA All Star game but when the NCAA pulls tournament games out of the state that cuts deep! That Barringer is finally representing her constituency is a good thing, more GOP elected officials should do the same and get off the discrimination kick.

    1. Honestly, why is it worth the fight? Just stop the boycotts and leave HB2 where it is so that our economy doesnt get hurt anymore.

      1. By that I mean the anti-HB2 crowd should stop the boycotts and recognize it as the law so we can all move on.

        1. We, the normal majority, need to expand our boycotts. Give others the Target treatment and send their stock into the toilet. A good place to start is another company which dumped on NC in their whine in favor of the gender deniers, and that is PayPal. There are viable alternatives to PayPal that you can find at:

          1. Well, I already never watched the NCAA games anymore. What goes on in that entity even without them being puppets of the tranny movement is deplorable.

            As far as paypal, I have had several items I wanted to buy online to be only available by that service. Needless to say I did not buy the products. I actually found a free way to get a couple of the items. 🙂

          2. Let’s see if these anti-HB2 zealots really mean business starting with devout “Catholic” Mike Krzyzewski…

            Hey, Mike, you have a wife, daughters and granddaughters. No more Women’s bathrooms for them. Send them ALL into the Men’s room. Do it, Mike. Show us how progressive and informed YOU are. I dare you, you creep.

    2. Preseve the bathroom and locker room provisions of HB2, and dispense with the anti-discrimination portions of it, that have nothing to do with protecting women and children.

      1. What parts left are discriminatory? They already wrote out the state court thing. Everything else is just common sense and within the purview of the general assembly.

        You do know that the powers of local government entities are all subject to the supervision of the NCGA right? That means it is up to them to decide any special “anti-discrimination” ordinances are needed or not needed. Funny how the progressives looooove centralized power at a state or federal level….until it does not let them run amok over people’s rights.

        1. The state court thing is common sense, too, when you want to protect small Christian businesses from harassment by the Gaystapo and their mob of lawyers.

          1. True, but it could have been handled separately. Although I would prefer to have these things handled in state rather than at the whacko federal court level.

    3. Polls show that when you ask about the bathroom bill, the overwhelming majority of North Carolinians support it. The propagandist media in the state have demonized the term ”HB2” and some voters react like Pavlov’s dog to that term until you explain what it is.

      HB2 has nothing to do with ”discrimination” since mere behavior, such as gender denial, is not a valid protected class. What it is about is stopping the far left’s War on Women and Children’s privacy. I’ll bet you agree with the extreme left Charlotte Observer’s editorial that schoolgirls were just going to have to get used to seeing penises in their showers.

      The sick and perverted tail should not wag the dog. The man who led the fight for the Charlotte ordinance was a convicted child molester and that speaks volumes about that perverted ordinance.

      These sports leagues do not have their cheerleaders showering with their players. The NCAA maintains separate mens and womens leagues. The fact that their execs play stinky perverted leftwing politics with sports is just despicable. The NCGOP should file a complaint against the NCAA with the State Board of Elections for their overtly political act.

    4. Actually the opposite is true. Outside the liberal echo chambers of Chapel Hole, Carrboro, Durham, and Asheville regular people support the common sense that dudes do not shower with girls.

      But you are right, a great number do not really care if the sports teams are here or not. Some minor events like the first round squashes in the NCAA tournament and an exhibition game by the NBA really make no difference.

      What really needs to happen is the whacko progressives need to get out of their war on women. This discrimination against half of the population to set up some special right for pedophiles is a travesty.

  4. Rick Gunn from Burlington has caved, according to the News and Observer:

    “Another North Carolina Republican legislator is raising the prospect of repealing a law about LGBT rights that’s caused the NCAA and Atlantic Coast Conference to pull championships from the state this week.

    Sen. Rick Gunn of Burlington said in a statement late Wednesday he’s concerned about the effect House Bill 2 is having on the state and the region he represents and believes it’s time to modify or possibly repeal it. The ACC is headquartered in nearby Greensboro, which is also where early rounds of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament would have been held in March.”


    1. If Gunn is not there for conservatives on key legislation like this, then conservatives should not be there for him on election day in November. Screw him and the horse (donkey?) he rode in on! If he supports forcing businesses, churches, schools, etc. to allow grown men into bathrooms and locker rooms with women and little girls, then he does not deserve to be in the legislature.

  5. I have a number of relatives who live in Barringer’s district. I talked to my brother who lives there last night, and there are three votes in his household who will now leave the State Senate race blank on their ballots, and he says a few of his GOP voting buddies are saying the same thing.

    Those surrender monkeys who bow to blackmail need to be bounced from office. Conservatives need to withhold their votes for any sellouts on preserving the privacy of our women and children.

    If the NCAA and ACC want to wrongfully get into the political arena, perhaps the legislature should pay them back in the same coin by intruding into the sports field by making some of their basketball and football rules illegal in NC. That would serve these jerks right.

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