#ncpol #ncgop: Ma Cotten, at it AGAIN.

She led the dirty tricks campaign that did in duly-elected NCGOP chairman Hasan Harnett.  Now, Joyce “Ma” Cotten is trying to orchestrate a GOPe endorsement in a judicial race featuring TWO Republican candidates.

Judicial races are still non-partisan.  The party affiliation of candidates does not appear on the ballot.  But knowing a candidate’s affiliation can usually tell you a lot about their take on the issues and the role of government.  

Here she is: Snip20160716_1

First of all, she’s butchered Ms. WOOD’s name. 

Second of all, does anyone else find it troubling that the NCGOPe is openly making endorsements in a contest featuring TWO registered Republicans?   I could see this being justifiable if, for instance, Ms. Wood had some kind of horrible scandal associated with her or was clearly some leftist stalking horse.  But NO ONE has produced any evidence of the sort. 

Just from looking at her Facebook site, Ms. Wood looks like quite the Tea Partier — quite the constitutional conservative.  Judging from Ma Cotten’s history, I DOUBT this meeting is about boosting the Wood campaign.  


6 thoughts on “#ncpol #ncgop: Ma Cotten, at it AGAIN.

  1. It depends. There is a consideration to determine if this proposed action is proper and legal. If those two are the only individuals running for this seat, it is absolutely wrong to take sides. If there is also a non-Republican candidate running for that seat, the practice has been to convene an Executive Committee at the appropriate level to hear pitches from both candidates and then endorse one to attempt to avoid a splitting of the pro-Republican vote during the Election.

  2. Same thing happened in Brunswick County. Helen Pannullo presided over the meeting. They picked one Republican judicial candidate over another to endorse and put on their slate card.

    1. Then based on both your comments, paragraph G, Section VII of the POO is being completely violated in both cases. It’s par for the course, though, the rule of law has been dead in the NCGOP since April 30th.

  3. What part of ”we have won and you get none” do you little people of the so-called grassroots not understand? Of course, we in the elite back who we want in the primaries and use our positions to do it. Dallas Woodhouse, our errand boy in Raleigh, did it for establishment candidates in the primary and you little people could not do anything about it.

    We have a party legal counsel who is absolutely in our pocket and will rule whatever way helps us, and his assistant is a real progressive who is also in our pocket. How did you like his ruling one way on the notice that had to be given to David Lewis and completely the opposite on the notice that had to be given to Hassan Harnett? As long as we have our guy in that position, we will keep kicking your asses. Is there any other way to run a railroad?

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