#ncpol NC-02: Child Abuse.

Renee Ellmers’s team put out the word long ago that they would not be glaredebating ANY of their girl’s FOUR primary opponents.  But, a circumstance has developed causing them to break from that narrative: 

Kay Daly fired a gun and proclaimed she is hunting RINOs (or Republicans in name only) in a September ad introducing her campaign against incumbent Congresswoman Renee Ellmers in the Second Congressional District.

Daly, one of four candidates challenging Ellmers in the GOP primary, now has an attention-grabbing campaign fund-raising message with the provocative subject line “My Congressman is a child abuser.” In the body of the message, Daly blames the three-term congresswoman for a national debt that the next generation of taxpayers cannot repay, and claims Ellmers rejected 33 chances to shave money from federal department budgets or programs.

“I call it what it is: it’s child abuse. It’s fiscal child abuse, and it must end,” Daly’s email says.[…]mess

THAT brought out a rebuttal from Big Govt Barbie™ campaign spokesman Patrick Sebastian (a/k/a “Pat McCrory’s nephew”, a/k/a “Lil’ Guv”, hashtag #lilguv) :

[…] Patrick Sebastian, an Ellmers campaign adviser, disputed Daly’s claims.

“Honestly, almost nothing Kay Daly says is true,” said Sebastain, who called Ellmers “one of the most conservative members of Congress.”

Ellmers “has a record of cutting spending,” he said. “We can actually back that record up with facts.”[…]

“One of the most conservative members of Congress”?  Which Congress?  The one in session NOW?  In DC? Um, I don’t think so. momoney

Heritage Action says she is the most liberal Republican House member from North Carolina.    Conservative Review rates her as one of the most liberal North Carolina Republicans in the House — beating out only David Rouzer and Robert Pittenger.  So WHERE is Lil’ Guv getting his information from? 

Also, folks in government have a different idea on what constitutes spending cuts than the rest of us do.  Government budgets regularly factor in an eight percent yearly increase.  If you approve only a seven percent increase from the previous year — in their eyes — you are cutting spending.  Even though you are spending MORE.  Got it?

Think about it.  In your household, if you spend $200 per month LESS on entertainment but moneyfairyspend $250 per month MORE on gas, have you really cut spending?

Also, federal spending has gone crazy under Ellmers and her friends in the GOP leadership.   In 2009, the year before Ellmers was elected, federal spending reached a 20-year high at $3.79 trillion.  In 2012, it came down to $3.64 trillion, thanks to the Budget Control Act and its sequestration provisions that Ellmers has been running around bad-mouthing. 

In 2015, the federal budget stood at $3.8 trillion.  No one is cutting any spending.  You can reduce one line item, and then pile a bunch of money into another line item.  That’s not cutting spending.  It’s rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.  It’s a con. It’s a shell game.  And it’s a travesty.