#ncga: Paranoia. Private eyes. Interrogation. Lindsey Dowling, and DINNER.

Met a girl called Lola and I took her back to my place
Feelin’ guilty, feelin’ scared, hidden cameras everywhere
Stop! hold on. stay in controlkinks-paranoia
Girl, I want, you here with me
But I’m really not as cool as I’d like to be
Cause there’s a red, under my bed
And there’s a little yellow man in my head
And there’s a true, blue, inside of me
That keeps stoppin’ me, touchin’ ya, watchin’ ya, lovin’ ya
Paranoia, need destroyer. Paranoia, they destroy ya’
Well I fell asleep, then I woke feelin’ kinda’ queer
Lola looked at me and said ooh you look so weird
She said man, there’s really something wrong with you
One day you’re gonna’ self-destruct
You’re up, get down, I’ll come work you out
You get a good thing goin’ then you blow yourself out
Silly boy ya’ self-destroyer. Silly boy ya’ self-destroyer
Silly boy you got so much to live for
So much to aim for, so much to try for
You blow it all with, paranoia
You’re so insecure you, self-destroyer
(and it goes like this, here it goes) paranoia, they destroy ya
(here it goes again) paranoia, they destroy ya
Dr. Dr. help her please I know you’ll understandcm2
There’s a time device inside of me I’m a self-destructin’ man
There’s a red, under my bed
And there’s a little green man in my head
And said you’re not goin’ crazy, you’re just a bit sad
Cause there’s a man in ya, knawin’ ya, tearin’ ya, in to to
Silly boy ya’ self-destroyer. paranoia, they destroy ya’
Self-destroyer, wreck your health
Destroy friends, destroy yourself
The time device of, self-destruction
Lies, confusion, start eruption
(yea, it goes like this, here it goes) paranoia, they destroy ya
(here’s to paranoia) paranoia, they destroy ya
(hey hey, here it goes) paranoia, they destroy ya
(and it goes like this)
Paranoia, they destroy ya (and it goes like this)
— The Kinks


I got this in the ol’ email so I KNEW my night would be busy:

From: Lindsey Dowling (Rep. Mike Hager)
Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2015 4:24 PM
To: Lindsey Dowling (Rep. Mike Hager); mike@rephager.com
Subject: House Republican Caucus

Hello Members,Carnac

The House Republicans will meet on Monday, January 4, 2015 at 5:30pm at NCGOP HQ; 1506 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, NC 27605. Dinner will be provided.

Merry Christmas!!


Lindsey Dowling
Director of Policy and Operations
Office of the House Majority Leader
Representative Mike Hager

I could NEVER have imagined how much my lil’ ol’ web site would be discussed by the honorables guiding our ‘Carolina Comeback.’  Bob's_big_boy_statue_burbank_2013

In a discussion led by Rep. Charles Jeter — the inspiration for Bob’s (Shoney’s) Big Boy — there was much bitching about leaks of caucus bid-ness.  (Speaking of Jeter — does supplying/ renting office space to a self-proclaimed “government relations” expert count as receiving  a gift from a lobbyist while the House is in session?  Inquiring minds want to know.) 

Sources in the room tell me that Rep. Marilyn Avila (R-Wake) proposed the formation of a  three person committee charged with: (1) providing a forum for members to air their grievances. Someone even suggested expanding the committee to interrogating members about leaks to THIS website.

 (As I’ve said before — I am living rent-free in some of Raleigh’s most pokermitwerful heads.)

A member stood up and said: “Don’t put anyone in leadership on this committee.  They are the source and subject of so many grievances.  So many problems.”

I would pay GOOD MONEY to be in the rom when said committee calls in  — say, former Marine Mike Speciale — for interrogation.  (Though, I probably could get in the room without paying a dime.)  Methinks we’d hear (1) lots of laughter  and (2) profanities we’d never heard before from the witness. 

album-Hall--Oates-Private-EyesSo, “we” are not lecturing members against pay-to-play, spending $19,000 in campaign funds on clothes, or buying a house with campaign funds.  It appears “we” are trying to sweep the dirty laundry under the rug.  What to do, what to do about all of those lumps in said rug???

To top it all off, sources in the room told me that Speaker Tim Moore has proposed hiring a private investigator to identify the leaker(s).  Hmmm. How will said PI be paid?  Taxpayer funds?  Caucus funds?  Campaign funds?  Does state election law address hiring a PI with to root out leakers of political skullduggery and sneakiness?  



11 thoughts on “#ncga: Paranoia. Private eyes. Interrogation. Lindsey Dowling, and DINNER.

  1. Republicans should be the most transparent and upright people in politics if they want to act any different then should feel free to become democrat’s

    1. Unfortunately Patrick, Republicans are democrats. On a day where Obama announces sweeping gun control laws Thom Tillis puts out a Facebook message of how proud he is of his eu genetics legislation and his Omnibus bill. Thom is bragging about how bi partisan he is and how committed he is to advancing the liberal agenda.Sounds pretty liberal to me.
      He didn’t even mention Obama’s gun control order. Is Dallas Woodhouse still supporting Tillis?

      1. I notice that Tillis’ rating at Heritage Action, the most trusted conservative rating has now fallen from the 50’s down into the 40’s. He has gone from being just barely conservative overall to being a moderate liberal. I would not be surprised to see him continue downward.

        Tillis’ support of the Omnibus shows he is a full blown Obama Republican, funding the full Obama agenda. Too bad we do not have recall of federal elected officials.

        I agree that failing to mention gun control tells us a whole lot about Tillis.

        1. As I remember it the NRA endorsed Thom Tillis in the primary. Needless to say I will not be upgrading my multiyear NRA membership to a lifetime membership.

          Also, concerning that lesser of two evils voting strategy in general elections: It truly does not exist at all as a viable course of action in North Carolina Senatorial politics. The difference between an Obama Democrat and an Obama Republican is different letters in the alphabet.

    2. I agree anybody against minutes being kept on caucus meetings and posting them for everyone to see?

  2. Moore and Jeter are liberals and just do not want conservatives to find out the crap they have been up to, starting with being in the hip pocket of the corrupt green energy crony capitalists.

    Keep up the good work, Brant.

    Ever notice that the GOP Senate does not seem to have the same crap going on? And it tends to vote more conservative than the House? Any party activist thinking of giving money in legislative races should either give it to the Senate caucus or to individual House candidates known to be conservative and who face primaries. We should NEVER give to the House caucus as long as Moore, Jeter, Saine, Dollar, and Lewis are in control.

  3. Brant – I’ve just going to say it … your NC’s Donald Trump, nobody thinks your going to win, but we LOVE having you talk.

  4. Sorry although the upshot of what you discussed is contextually correct your wrong on Avila. Her idea did not include investigating people but the first part you discussed. From what I heard that came separately by someone else.

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